• June 8, 2023

Salernitana, Sabatini attacks Iervolino: “I am a liar? I take him to court”

The rags fly between Walter Sabatini And Danilo Iervolinorespectively former ds and president of the Salerno. In recent days, what seemed like a marriage destined to go on after the salvation achieved by the grenade on the last day at the end of a sensational comeback, ended in a divorce that left heavy aftermath. To light the fuse the words of the patron of Salernitana, Iervolino, who at the Gazzetta dello Sport called Sabatini a liar on the subject of commissions to be paid to agents, the main reason for the separation.

Once upon a time there was the sports director: joys and sorrows of “those of the technical area”

by Gabriele Romagnoli

The former manager of Rome and Bologna replied to Iervolino from the microphones of Radio Anch’io Sport on Radio Rai: “If he called me a liar he will come to court with me, even if he has great lawyers. I think it’s a fall of style and bad taste, “he said. “Iervolino did not say this when he asked me almost crying to save Salernitana, I agree on the commissions, he did not pay them. The commissions are not my problem, it is a football problem, ideological. I do not contest this and I accept what it is. says Iervolino. Even today I am sorry not to have paid a commission of 4 million to Raiola for Pogba at Roma. Even today I am sorry and I think I have done damage to Roma, even for Arnautovic at Bologna I fought for the commission to be paid and I think to have done well “.

Walter Sabatini: “Salvation from wild hearts with Salernitana”

by Emanuela Audisio

Future abroad

Arrived in Salerno last January after the purchase of the club by Iervolino, Sabatini revolutionized the staff by building from scratch a team that recently managed to stay in Serie A: “All this pains me very much – he added. Sabatini at Radio Anch’io Sport – after six months of great stress and having obtained a historic result with salvation. I still feel like the director of Salernitana, tomorrow I will take a flight to go abroad where I will probably accept an offer, it is a very prestigious club, I have to talk to the president and let’s see if the conditions are right. There is a veil of sadness on the first salvation of Salerno, I think the people of Salerno are also sad: there was something to celebrate instead they had the funeral, my funeral, but I am immortal “.

Salernitana, ds Sabatini torpedoed: he had granted too high a commission to Coulibaly’s agent

by Antonio Corbo

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