Quality of life: Aosta is the best for children, the worst is Naples

Quality of life: Aosta is the best for children, the worst is Naples

Aosta it is the Italian province that more than the others is on the side of children. In second place there is Arezzoat the third Siena. Also in the top five Florence And Udine. To draw up the ranking on the quality of life for the little ones are twelve indicators provided by certified sources (Istat, Miur, Centro Studi Tagliacarne, Iqvia): the fertility rate (the number of children per woman), the extent of the gardens schools, equipped green spaces, places in nursery schools, the number of active pediatricians, the living space, the number of students per class, the accessibility of schools, the percentage of school buildings with the canteen and those with the gym, sport, the number of crimes reported to the detriment of minors.

The research, now in its second edition, was previewed at the Trento Festival of Economics and published in the Sole 24 Ore.

At the bottom of the ranking there is the last place Naples. A little higher Caltanissetta And Matera. In the relegation zone, among the last five, as well Palermo And Reggio Calabria. Rome it is in 83rd place, out of 107 provinces; Milan to the 60th.

As for young people, on the other hand, there is first place Piacenza and lastly the South of Sardinia. In second place there is Ferrarafollowed by Ravenna. Here Rome is placed third from last and Milan also falls to 95th place. The indicators change: there are the number of marriages celebrated, the average age of childbirth, the migratory balance, the sports areas, the number of municipal administrators under 40, the rent, the rental gap between the center and the periphery , businesses with owners under 35, the number of bars and nightclubs, the percentage of businesses that do e-commerce, graduates compared to the population between 25 and 39 and the youth unemployment rate.

The elderly, on the other hand, always according to the same ranking, would live better a Cagliari than elsewhere. And worst of all in Pistoia. Rome and Milan recover, and by a lot, placing respectively in fourth and ninth place. In this case, life expectancy at 65, the number of urban gardens, the complaints presented by citizens for noise pollution, the expenditure of public bodies for home care for over 65s, the transport of elderly and disabled people, libraries, elderly dependency ratios, the number of active geriatricians, the use of drugs for chronic diseases and for depression, the number of medical specialists and nurses.

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