• May 28, 2023

Next, the future-proof documentary on digital ecosystems

Observe, analyze and tell in depth the recent evolution of one of the most important industrial ecosystems in Italy with digital innovation contact lenses. Turn to X-rays the concrete application of the most strategic paradigms of digital revolutionfrom the work 4.0 toopen innovation passing through the talent. But also questioning the collective imagination of the factory as a retro placeenhance the virtuous experiences that can inspire other companies and above all bring out what can be done to truly transform a territory into a future-proof ecosystem.

These are the challenging objectives that animated the conception, writing and production of “Next – Future-proof ecosystems”the documentary on the road promoted by Confindustria Bergamo that tells the digital revolution of the Bergamo ecosystem traveling between factories, entrepreneurs, students, workers and managers. The documentary, written by the journalist Andrea Frollà and directed by the manufacturer Lorenzo Benassiwill be published exclusively by Repubblica within the observatory ValoreItalia starting next Monday 13 June in 4 episodes, with one chapter a week every Monday for four weeks.

The digital reinvention, the future “open”, the era of talent and post-normality will be the main strands that will mark the four stages of the journey. Accompanying spectators among the great challenges of technological innovation and digital ecosystems will be the voices, experiences and visions of the protagonists of the transformation experienced in recent years by the industrial, associative, academic and research realities that populate Bergamo and its province. A real journey through the territory designed both for those who already gravitate to the world ofinnovationbut also for those who are intrigued and fascinated by these issues, or for those who still cannot find their way around.

Among the protagonists of the documentary are Stefano Scaglia (Confindustria Bergamo), Cristina Bombassei (Brembo), Salvatore Majorana (Red kilometer), Manuel Oldrati (Oldrati Holding), Angelo Luigi Marchetti(Edinnova), Gianluigi Viscardi (Intellimech Consortium), Vincenzo Manzoni (TenarisDalmine), Francesca Negrello (JOiiNT Lab), Giulio Guadalupi (Confindustria Bergamo), Stefano Ierace (Intellimech Consortium), Andrea Rosa (Remazel Engineering), Barbara Sala (Delcon), Sergio Cavalieri (University of Bergamo), Antonio Bicchi (Iit and JOiiNT Lab), Massimo Fagioli (Paolo Pigna Paper Mills), Marco Ghisalberti (Rulmeca Group), Angelo Radici (RadiciGroup), Fabio Tamburini (Albini Group), Marcello Persico (Persico Group).

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