Mancini: “This Italy can win in many ways. Gnonto? He’s young, let’s not put pressure on him”

Mancini: "This Italy can win in many ways. Gnonto? He's young, let's not put pressure on him"

CESENA – Fifteen thousand tickets sold and the enthusiasm of the people: Romagna’s welcome for the national team was not affected by the blow from the missed World Cup. The wait, however, is also for some new rookie, after the six visas with Germany. Mancini does not rule out the possibility: “From here to the end of the group other players will make their debut. I’m not saying the line-up because I still have to make the list of 23, there will certainly be some changes: I don’t think all of them, but many do”. In the midfield trio the change could concern the role of the player in front of the defense, because close matches impose the dosage, but the coach does not exclude the use of Cristante, even if the ballot is open and in the refinement Scalvini was also tried: “In general, Locatelli is more of a mezzala for me, Cristante and Esposito are the only ones who can play as point guards”.

The lesson of Donnarumma, the true leader of the ‘new’ Italy

by Enrico Currò

Certainly the idea of ​​ball possession, which was the blue mark at the European Championship, is not set aside, but the absence of Jorginho and Verratti makes it more complicated: “There is no particular recipe, you can win with everyone. systems. Maybe with Germany in the first half hour we didn’t manage to get them high, but then we saw total balance, we pressed them well. In ball possession, without Jorginho and Verratti, there is more difficulty, there is a need for some time to find it “. Donnarumma wants to play despite the dislocation on his finger and Mancini admits that this is an important signal: “For me he remains the best goalkeeper in Europe. He suffered a bit from alternating in PSG with Navas, being a goalkeeper. He has a small problem Physical, we will evaluate tomorrow and if he feels like he will play. Bonucci and Belotti are also left, to whom I had told to go and rest. The group, however, will be reduced again in the next few days. Some will certainly return home early. “

Gnonto, a Latinist in blue. To play he went to Switzerland, away from Inter for 120 thousand euros

by Matteo Pinci

Scamacca could be spared in view of the trips to England and Germany, however he passed the exam: “He has all the qualities to become a very strong center forward: he is complete, he has technique, strength, speed, maybe he has to improve despite being high. a bit ‘the detachment. But let’s not forget that he is in his first year as a starter in Serie A, he can become a great striker. ” On Gnonto the prediction must be more prudent, but he too convinced in Bologna: “He is 18 years old, he is a boy, he should not be given a lot of pressure, he must be given time to grow and improve. he knows how to play football like few others and is very fast: a quality that our forwards lacked. The most suitable role for him is second striker, but he can also play the winger. The important thing is that an intelligent boy, his best quality “. The duel with Hungary’s coach, the Italian Marco Rossi, is special: “Marco was my teammate at Sampdoria, he’s a decent guy and he’s doing a great, extraordinary job. “England and at the European Championships drew with France and Germany: a physical team, difficult to face. They defend very well, have three physically strong central players. It will not be a predictable or simple match, after all this type of matches no longer exists.”

Marco Rossi, Hungary speaks Italian: “For me a tumult of emotions, but to beat Italy it will take luck”

by Matteo Pinci

Stretcher and the shirt to honor

The blue workaholic – 57 games played so far this season – does not want to stop: is this an implicit criticism of those teammates who have left the retreat early in recent days? “It is not for me to say if the Nations League is a superfluous tournament, of course this is a time of year when there is so much fatigue. But wearing this shirt must always be an honor and not a burden. which the coach has given permission to go home. When you wear this shirt, there is no fatigue. ” The year of joys and sorrows has left traces, but Barella does not remain on the spot: “It is a huge regret not to have gone to the World Cup and not to have won the Scudetto. But everything can’t always go well, I want to learn as much as I can and be balanced in victory and defeat. We dominated our group in all games, then regret having gone out with Macedonia in a game that we should have won 3-0 or 4-0. I had experienced the first elimination from home and was I was bad, for the second I felt doubly bad, because I was a negative protagonist. But if we had known what had to be done to avoid elimination, we would have done it. We can only try to make a great European to remedy it “.

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