• May 29, 2023

Mafia, the urologist’s mystery reopens Manca. The godparents said, “Shower that doctor”

New ideas could arrive on the case of Attilio Manca, the young urologist who died in the night between 11 and 12 February 2004 in Viterbo, where he had been working for just under two years. According to what the “Antimafiaduemila” portal reveals, in an interception at the end of 2003 the followers of Bernardo Provenzano, then still a fugitive, said that it was necessary to “take a shower” to a doctor, whose name is never mentioned, for having denied the boss’s care.

Attilio Manca

Attilio Manca

At that time, Provenzano needed a doctor due to prostate cancer. Some time later, he would go to Marseille for surgery. Perhaps, Manca would have refused to treat him before the trip to France? The thesis is relaunched by the family’s lawyer, the lawyer Fabio Repici, who will soon present a petition for the reopening of the case to the Rome prosecutor’s office, today directed by Francesco Lo Voi. made by the public prosecutor of the capital as part of an investigation into the capture of the superlatitant. The dialogue picked up by Dia is between six or seven men, including one of Provenzano’s loyalists, Giuseppe Lo Bue.

For over 18 years, Attilio Manca’s parents have been fighting to shed light on the death of their loved one. They have always denounced a hoax – heroin overdose – to disguise a Mafia murder. However, the investigations carried out so far have always excluded a connection with the Provenzano case. Now, however, this interception excerpt appears. “For the umpteenth time it is journalists who make up for the inertia of institutional bodies”, says the lawyer Repici, who recalls the words of the justice collaborator Carmelo D’Amico: “In his statements on the murder of Attilio Manca, recently declared also reliable by the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria which sentenced Rosario Cattafi for mafia association – says the lawyer – explained that the murder of the Barcelona urologist is a crime committed in synergy by Cosa Nostra and by deviated state apparatuses, in one typically piduist scenario “.

Repici announces that in the next few weeks he will ask for an appointment with the prosecutor Lo Voi: “I will deliver him a complaint in which all the elements collected in recent times will appear. The truth about the Manca case – concludes the lawyer – is also hidden in the folds of the judicial archives in which the mysteries of Bernardo Provenzano’s inaction in the province of Messina rest under tons of dust “.

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