• May 28, 2023

Iv-Action, alliance tests (difficult). Renzi: “No self-centeredness, give a roof to the Draghi house”. Calenda: “No political opportunisms”

Two leaders, two points of view. One goal: to win votes in the next elections of 2023. To do so, Matteo Renzi hopes for the birth of a reformist center, “an area Dragons“. Carlo Calenda it points to alliances, as long as they are far from “electoral opportunism”. Distant worlds, perhaps, but the leader of Action still extends his hand to the senator of Iv: “On this basis we are ready to discuss when you want”. It is a social correspondence between Renzi and Calenda who today, on Twitter, have discussed at a distance on the subject of alliances. Among the sovereignists and populists, the leader of Italia Viva points “to the Draghi area, which in Italy is a space that exists. Not giving it a home and a roof out of personal egotism is crazy. The next few months – he tweets – will show who knows how to do it. politics and those who live with resentments even in this reformist center We are there with humility and determination “.

Administrative 2022, as it is voted in the Municipalities. Here are the three ballots

by Giovanna Casadio

Words to which Calenda replies: “The script of the 2023 elections is not already written, but we are ready with + Europe to go to the vote with the current electoral law and then ask Fi and the Pd and also the left, if they fit. , to work on a new project of broad understandings led again by Mario Draghi, whom I consider the right person. If Draghi does not want to do it, another name will be sought. We are against any populist government “. Then he turns directly to Renzi and in another post on his social channel he writes: “For some time now, together with Più Europa and civic lists, we have been working on this. But the Italia Viva line must be clarified (a clear no to Pd / 5S ), abandon local electoral opportunisms, and you have to decide if you want to do politics or business. On this basis, open to discuss when you want “.

Words to which the Undersecretary of the Interior replies Ivan Scalfarotto: “Carlo, the problem is that a possible alliance is not even conceived if one of the possible allies does nothing but attack the other (which is one-way). Here the theme is the destiny of Italy starting from 2023 and you worry about what it does Renzi in free time? Come on “.

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