I found that the clitoris is giant! – Donnamoderna

I found that the clitoris is giant!  - Donnamoderna

Lthe clitoris is the crucial organ of female pleasure and can be declined in the masculine and the feminine. But above all it is much more complex than you see and think

I HAVE JUST DISCOVERED THAT THE CLITORIS IS GIANT! It is much larger than I thought but above all more complex. And then it seems to me that the time has come to overcome the division between clitoral and vaginal orgasm: orgasm is unique and always starts from there, correct? And then, do you say in the masculine or in the feminine? “ (B.)

It is the message that B. sent a few days ago on the Whatsapp group in which we friends throw up dilemmas and enthusiasms of adult life. «But don’t you say THE clitoris?»Replied D. After having checked Treccani, I reassured that both declinations are fine. Then I read the definition and found it ironic “rudimentary penis”, since everything can be said about female physiology, unless it is rudimentary.

The structure of the clitoris

For heaven’s sake, the confusion on the subject is atavistic, medicine itself has been poor in accurate answers, having never paid particular attention to a crucial organ for pleasure (an endowment so superb as to suggest that if God existed, he would be female), but useless for reproductive purposes. However, for some time now, thanks to the zeal of female scientists and researchers, we have known a little more. That little thing we see, the glans, is just the tip of the iceberg. Below, or rather inside, there is a more complex structure, about 10 centimeters, which interacts with the other genital organs, with roots that run through the pelvic bones; of bulbs, which surround the vagina and are responsible for any pleasure during penetration (what, according to the Phallo-Freudian view of sex, was appropriate for “mature” women); of a body where the roots join to form the glans.

Enough with the dichotomy of vaginal and clitoral orgasm

In short, a majestic device that swells and can be stimulated in multiple ways, direct and indirect (to overcome the age-old dichotomy between “clitoral orgasm” and “vaginal orgasm”, as well as doubts about the existence of the phantom G-spot which is not a point but an anatomical area corresponding to the intersection between the bulbs of the clitoris and the vagina). “As my mother says: you never stop learning!” commented M. After all, mothers are (almost) always right.

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