• May 28, 2023

Forecast. Anticyclone Scipio in difficulty: during the week many thunderstorms with hail and thermal drop

(www.iLMeteo.it) A cyclonic vortex positioned between the United Kingdom and Denmark, therefore on the North Sea, is creating many problems on the British Isles, in France and in Germany where violent storms hit with important hailstorms. The coils of this depression center will be able to embarrass the mighty African anticyclone Scipio who, at least temporarily, will be forced to retreat, leaving our Peninsula defenseless.

Sara from Tuesday 7 that cooler air at high altitudes will reach the northern regions making the atmosphere somewhat unstable. In fact, from the very first hours showers and thunderstorms from the alpine and pre-alpine sectors of Lombardy and Triveneto they will descend towards the respective flat areas, albeit of a rather irregular nature.

Antonio Sanò, director and founder of the site www.iLMeteo.it, tells us that the clash between completely different masses of air (fresh air and pre-existing heat) will provide the energy necessary for the formation of even intense storm cells generating strong hail. It goes without saying that together with the storms there will also be a thermal drop.

In the following days and until Thursday 9 the storm front will descend towards the central-southern regions (especially on the Adriatic side) also here with hailstormsometimes also of large size.

Finally, from Friday 10 Scipione will gradually recover the lost ground, guaranteeing other sunny days, probably also including the weekend of 11/12 June.

Hot record at the end then? It is more appropriate to say in pause. Temperatures will begin to lose some points starting from the North, while the most important drop is expected in the central-southern Adriatic regions where compared to today’s maximum values, 8-10 ° C will also be lost.


Monday 6. In the north: sunny and warm. In the center: all sun and summer heat. In the south: lots of sun and hot temperatures.

Tuesday 7. In the north: very unstable with strong thunderstorms, but scattered over Lombardy and the Northeast. Center: mostly sunny. In the south: prevailing sun, a little less hot.

Wednesday 8. In the north: worsens from the afternoon / evening from the Northwest to the Northeast. Center: more unstable in Abruzzo and Molise. South: some storms on Gargano and Tavoliere.

Trend. Thursday still many thunderstorms in the Center-South, especially on the Adriatic slopes, slowly improving in the Northeast, from Friday new expansion of the anticyclone.

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