• June 8, 2023

Elections Genoa, Tuesday 7 June from 11 the debate between all the candidates live on Repubblica.it

Appointment on Tuesday 7 June at 11 am The seven candidates for mayor of Genoa will be the protagonists of an electoral debate organized by Repubblica and broadcast live on www.repubblica.it in its entirety. The confrontation, moderated by the director of Republic Maurizio Molinari, will see the candidates answer four questions and make a final declaration to the voters, and will take place in the auditorium of the Carlo Felice theater without the presence of the public apart from the accredited journalists and the staff of the candidates, but it will be online in streaming. on www.repubblica.it.
Here are the candidates’ cards

The outgoing mayor, Marco Bucci, is a candidate for an encore with the support of the united center-right. Business manager lent to politics, 62 years old, first right-wing mayor in the history of the city and current government commissioner for the management of the main city infrastructures, from the new San Giorgio bridge to the port dam, eight lists will appear on the ballot paper under his name . Two of a civic nature, linked to the administrative experience of the last five years, an expression of the regional governor, Giovanni Toti, and then those of the center-right parties: Fratelli d’Italia, Lega, Forza Italia, Udc. Among the political forces of the camp, unlike other centrist acronyms such as Action and + Europe, there will also be Italia Viva.

Carlo Carpi, 39, entrepreneur, is an independent candidate with the “Together for Genoa” list. Liberal orientation, his is the fourth candidacy in the administrative field. He had already been a candidate for mayor five years ago in Genoa, in 2017, in Imperia in 2018 and in Sanremo in 2019. While in 2020 he had raced in the Ligurian Regionals.

Mattia Crucioli, 46, lawyer, current senator (escaped with controversy from the M5s, now in the Alternative there is, of which he was founder) and former vice president of the Permanent Justice Commission, with his candidacy for mayor he federated locally all the anti-Dragon political forces active in the country. In the front row in the battle against Autostrade and the passage of the company into the hands of the State, in its list, “United for the Constitution”, there are exponents of Alternative there, of ItalExit, of the Communist Party of Marco Rizzo, to Regain the Italy, Ancora Italia and other associations of the no pass galaxy that strongly challenged the government in the management of the pandemic.

Ariel Dello Strologo, 55, a lawyer, is the candidate for mayor of the Genoese progressive camp. Former president of the Jewish community of Genoa, civic for his first political candidacy despite a long professional history in the city administration (for years he was at the helm of the investee company that manages the Porto Antico), they found an agreement on his name all the forces of the center-left and the Five Star Movement. It will be supported by five lists: the one that brings together Pd and Articolo Uno, those of M5s and the Italian Left, a list of the ecological left, which has put together Europa Verde, Linea Condivisa and Lista Sansa, and the civic list that will refer directly to the candidate mayor, and will nominate names from civil society and the world of volunteering.

Martino Manzano Olivieri, 38, is the candidate for mayor of the 3V Movement, the reference name of the world no vax. Born in Mexico to a Genoese mother, an entrepreneur in the field of catering, he traveled all over the world for work, from Barcelona to Gran Canaria to Canada and Mexico. In the last year and a half he has been among the organizers of the protests against the government’s health policies in Genoa.

Antonella Marras, 55, employed, is the radical left’s candidate for the Genoese Communal. To support it are three parties, the Communist Refoundation, the anticapitalist Left and the Italian Communist Party, gathered in a single electoral list: “The Left together”. Known in the west of the city for having led the spontaneous committee of citizens of Borzoli and Fegino, suburban neighborhoods that in 2016 were the first victims of the oil spill caused by the Iplom, the main points of its program are those dedicated to work, welfare and to the protection and revitalization of the suburbs.

Cinzia Ronzitti, 59, trade unionist, is the mayor candidate of the Communist Workers’ Party. Already a candidate in the last municipal round in 2017, her return on the ballot comes after the dismissal that made her a symbol in 2018. She was a clerk (and trade union representative) of the Rinascente when the company decided to close the Genoese store, leaving the employees out of work, today she is a collaborator of the newborn coordination of the unemployed of the CGIL.

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