Drusilla Foer debuts tonight on Rai 2 with “the Almanaccco of the day after” – iO Donna

Drusilla Foer debuts tonight on Rai 2 with "the Almanaccco of the day after" - iO Donna

Un slew of exploits. A popularity that is more than acquired and widespread. And now, for Drusilla Foer arrives a Rai program all to himself, as promised by the Director of the Prime Time Entertainment Department Stefano Coletta. It is about Drusilla and the Almanac of the day afterremake of the historic program broadcast from tonight at 19.50 on Rai 2. Several headings which will make up each episode, in addition to the guests and to an exceptional companion: Mouse Gigio.

Drusilla and the almanac of the day afteradvances

Every day for half an hour, Drusilla will keep the viewers company by dusting off the historical program, aired from 1976 to 1994. He will do it in his way, with the style and verve that distinguish it. Therefore, one is insured good dose of ironywith the aim of giving food for thought and in-depth topics.

As already happened in the original version, in Almanac of the day after the presenter will take care of the time when the sun rises and will present various sections, including Tomorrow it happened And Character of the day. To these are added new grafts, entrusted to experts and guestscalled to intervene episode after episode.

Yet, musical momentsinterpreted by Foer, accompanied on the piano by Master Loris Di Leo. That’s not all, because there will also be room for some precious ones interlocutors, including a cameraman, a cook, a study inspector and a linguist. Last but not least, Mouse Gigio. The puppet – created in 1959 by Maria Perego – will be asked by the hostess to provide an opinion on the topics of the daycharacterized bychildish and naive angle which is proper to him.

Drusilla Foer Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after rai 2

Drusilla Foer at the photocall of “Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after”. (Getty Images)

Drusilla Foer phenomenon, from the beginnings to Sanremo 2022

Drusilla Foer, alter ego of the Tuscan actor Gianluca Gori, has been attending the small screen for several years. The debut dates back to 2012 on La7 with The show must go off, which follows in 2017 StraFactorspin off of the talent show of Sky One X Factor. Popularity starts coming in 2018 with C4 – The republic of womenProgram of Network 4 conducted by Piero Chiambretti.

During the participation in the Mediaset program, its visibility widens, until it is noticed by Rai 1who enlists her for Hi male, program of the second evening on Saturday, conducted by Nunzia De Girolamo. The exploit, however, comes to Sanremo Festival 2022when he holds the role of co-host alongside Amadeus during the third evening.

At the festival he showed off his caliber since the descent of the staircase. Direct, self-confident, she dominated the most difficult stage of Italian TV, proving to be up to it. The question and answer with the landlord then dampened the tension and gave rhythm to the long live.

Drusilla Foer Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after rai 2

Drusilla Foer from Rai Sports Club for the launch of “The Almanac of the day after”. (Getty Images)

Lessee ai David di Donatello 2022

A special evening, in which she also ventured into a touching one monologue on uniqueness. An evening that introduced Drusilla Foer, a character en travestito the general public, also enjoying great success from critics. And it couldn’t be otherwise. The stage of the Sanremo Festival represents – rectiusshould represent – a landing point and, at the same time of arrival, for those who have something to say.

Drusilla Foer:

Drusilla Foer:

At the Ariston Theater, Foer proved to be a multifaceted artist, capable of conducting, singing, acting. In a word, entertain, that is what anyone who populates the small screen should be able to do, in particular those who are called to participate in the Italian Festival par excellence. A necessary gift, but not always obvious. In the case of Drusilla, however, there was a pleasant combination of artistic ability and professionalismwhich is now awarded with The almanac of the day after.

The performance of Sanremo 72in fact, it did not escape the watchful eye of the insiders, who first wanted it next to Carlo Conti in the evening dedicated to the David di Donatellowhich aired last May 3, and now solo. Has Italian television, therefore, found a new presenter? It is still early to say. Certainly, she has found a face to focus on for the next few seasons.

Drusilla Foer Drusilla and the Almanac of the day after rai 2

Drusilla Foer to the David with Carlo Conti. (Getty)

Who is Gianluca Gori alias Drusilla Foer?

Born in Florence in 1967, Gianluca Goriafter having graduated from the art institute of the Florentine capital, has a past from I photograph. Over the years she has cultivated her passion for acting, landing a small role in the film Magnificent presence by Ferzan Özpetek.

The visibility comes, however, when he invents the character of Drusilla Foer, a rich Tuscan woman, profound connoisseur of good manners and a wandering past. Born in Siena, she grew up in Cuba because of the work of his father, an important diplomat. She then moved to the United States, precisely to New York, where she opened Second hand Drua used clothes shop.

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There she marries a Texan boxer, but after the divorce he reaches Belgium, where he contracts a second marriage, this time with Hervé Foer. After the death of his wife, he returns to Italy, to Florence, where lives with the housekeeper Ornella. Just the telephone sketches with the elusive Ornella, available on YouTube, I am terrific an expedient for commenting on highly topical issues with its unmistakable irony.


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