Cremona Pride, topless Madonna makes people discuss – iO Woman

Cremona Pride, topless Madonna makes people discuss - iO Woman

G.June is the month of Prideof pride LGBTQ +. And parades have already begun in some cities. Like in Cremona where, on Saturday 4th June, a procession hosted a life-size mannequin, disguised as a Madonna, with her breasts uncovered. Immediate reactions on what happened to Cremona Pride. And immediate accusations of blasphemy.

The Cremona Pride rainbow parade

The Lombard capital immediately ended up in the crosshairs of the public debate after that the images of the procession (about 3 thousand people, according to the organizers) have been around the web.

The female mannequin with naked breasts, with a blue veil and a halo on her head, in imitation of a statue of the Madonna, was considered by many to be blasphemous. It is unacceptable. As well as the disguise of an activist present at Cremona Pride, with the clothes of Pope Francis.

Rainbow flags in Zurich on 4 September 2021. Credit: EPA / MICHAEL BUHOLZER

Matteo Salvini on the Cremona Pride: “A display of ignorance and arrogance”

And immediate was the criticism of the mayor, Gianluca Galimbertifor the patronage he has decided to grant to the event.

Some members of the local right have in fact thundered: “It is not so, with this squalid and disrespectful way of the Christian faith, that rights are claimed“.

As well as Matteo Salvinisecretary of the League, in a tweet: “Offending the faith, culture and sensitivity of millions of Italians it has nothing to do with the demand for LGBTQ rights etc… But he is alone a display of ignorance and arrogance“.

The comment of the bishop of Cremona: “They are gestures that do no good to anyone”

The Bishop of Cremona, Antonio Napolioniwrote on the Diocese website: “The day after the” Cremona Pride “event held on Saturday 4 June in the city, I accept the bewilderment of many citizens, believers and non-believersdue to the presence of offensive and obviously blasphemous images, which they cannot have any educational or communicative value of values ​​and rights“.

He continued: “These are gestures that are not good for anyoneis that they also hurt the many who are committing themselves with mutual respect for a society without discrimination“.

And he concluded: “The Cremonese Church, engaged in an open synodal dialogue with many voices and experiences of its communities and civil society, will nourish the further commitment of proclamation and dialogue in prayerwhich these sad episodes do not have the strength to affect ».

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Piero Angela on LGBTQ + couples:

Piero Angela on Lgbtq + couples:

The patron of Cremonese: “Out of tune images”

The patron of Cremonese (just returned to Serie A) and one of the most influential steel entrepreneurs in the city, Giovanni Arvedihe commented: “These symbols have nothing to do with the legitimate protection of rights and the fight against homophobia and discrimination”.

They are out of tune images Why they offend the sensibilities of othersHe finished.


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