• May 28, 2023

Comic strip. Mondadori acquires 51% of Star Comics, the top publishing house for manga

Was signed today the contract relating to the acquisition by the Mondadori Group of an equity investment equal to 51% of the share capital of Edizioni Star Comics Srl., the leading Italian comic book publisher, specializing in the publication of the most important international productions including, in particular, manga.

The national comics sector is undoubtedly the most dynamic area of ​​the publishing sector, characterized by one growth of 175% in the three-year period 2019-2021 and of 30% in the first 4 months of 2022 (value data, source AIE Research Department based on Nielsen Bookscan data).

The Comics segment has represented, in recent years, an important element of development for the entire book supply chain, thanks also to the significant rate of innovation of the publishing offer that characterizes it and to an extraordinary ability to involve new readers: in this segment , Star Comics was the undisputed star“- declared Antonio Porro, CEO of the Mondadori Group.It will therefore be interesting and profitable the exchange of skills between our group and an editorial reality such as Star Comics, whose people have been able to build a recognized and consolidated leadership over time, enriched by a relationship of great value with their audience.”Concluded Porro.

For Star Comics it is a great honor to become part of Mondadori, the first Italian Publishing Group: we have worked for a long time but without particular difficulties to reach an agreement from which both parties will benefit greatly. The comic book publishing market is changing rapidly and thanks to this new partnership we will be able to commit ourselves even more incisively to promote the affirmation of comics as a mass cultural product, just as it has been happening for years in other European countries.“- said Claudia Bovini, CEO and Editorial Director of Star Comics.

Star Comics activities will find further development opportunities within the Mondadori Group thanks to the synergies generated by the operation, including a more direct collaboration with the largest network of bookstores in Italy, within which Mondadori Retail is developing spaces specifically dedicated to the comic book product. All this without neglecting the commitment to the development of the comic book sector which, for more than thirty years, have supported the publishing house.: the relationship between Star Comics and comics shops will remain solid and will see growth opportunities multiply thanks to the new interaction with a highly experienced reality.

The acquisition operation provides that Simone Bovini and Claudia Bovini – who have so far successfully managed Star Comics, leading it to cover the role of leader in the Italian comics market – maintain management responsibility and continue to cover the role ofthe Managing Directors of society. The work will remain in the Bosco headquarters in Perugia, as will the relationships with employees and external collaborations that Star Comics has conducted so far.

The operation also includes the acquisition of 100% of Grafiche Bovini Srl, a company controlled by the same Bovini familyfocused on printing activities exclusively for products published by Star Comics.

The closing of the transaction is expected by 30 June 2022 and is subject to suspension, among others, on the spin-off of the real estate component as well as the consent of the Japanese and Korean licensors who own the rights relating to some of the company’s publications.

Any impacts on the guidance relating to the current year, already communicated to the market, will be disclosed upon completion of the transaction.

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