Andy Carroll got married, but "yes" big laughs: at the bachelor party in bed with two women

In the end she said yes. And everyone laughed at those photographs. How much suffering under the white dress, after the scandal that shook the whole of England. And not only. Billi Mucklow he forgave Andy Carroll. The attacker of the West Bromwich, at his bachelor party, he had done it really big: after dozens of glasses of vodka, sangria and Jäegermeister in a Dubai nightclub, the footballer ended up in bed with two women. According to Taylor Jane Wilkeywhose shot next to the drunk man caused the scandal and ended up on the front pages of the English tabloids, Carroll was so drunk that the three (there was also a friend of his, Phoebe Robb) did not do anything forbidden for the future spouse.

Carroll, night with friends at a Dubai nightclub

In the shot the woman, in a bathrobe, smiles next to the sleeping player, completely drunk. And with the same version of events, the attacker managed to persuade his wife not to screw up the wedding. “After the party Phoebe and I went to his hotel,” Wilkey said. “We drank a lot, listened to music. Carroll went to bed, completely drunk, and fell asleep. He was too out of his mind to do anything. At that point we took some pictures to joke. In those pictures I look naked, but it’s the zoom, I still had the pink dress. Andy was a gentleman and he never bothered us. “

The photos that generated the scandal: Andy Carroll with Taylor Jane Wilkey

The photos that generated the scandal: Andy Carroll with Taylor Jane Wilkey

Carroll and Mucklow, the embarrassment at the moment of “yes”

At first, and it could not be otherwise, those shots had infuriated Mucklow. The woman had left home throwing away the engagement ring for two hundred thousand pounds (234 thousand euros) and questioning the wedding on Sunday. Then, after deep reflection, the bride-to-be decided to forgive Carroll. The couple has three children. According to what some guests told to the newspapers and TV across the Channel, the atmosphere at the wedding was excellent because everyone wanted to forget that story and celebrate the couple. At the most important moment of the religious ceremony, no one had anything to declare, but at the moment of the “yes” those present laughed. A little fun, a little relieved: in the end she said “yes”.

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