• June 5, 2023

All the ways to wear a stole

No.In the uniform of the perfect guest to a wedding or a formal ceremony, the stole. Lightweight, impalpable, in soft colors, the shoulder cover synonymous with elegance can also prove to be the most difficult to match. How to wear a stole in a sophisticated and particular way? Choosing carefully fabrics And styling. To make it the extra touch that will make the look flawless.

Choose the right stole

One of the most important elements to consider when choosing a stole is the tissue of which it is made up. To be sophisticated and chic, the preferred materials are thin and impalpable, like silk, linen And organza. The same delicacy is found in the right shades of the shoulder cover, also in this case neutral and discreet. You can decide whether to opt for the ton sur tonwith a stole in the same color as the dress worn, or if you prefer the contrast of tones and prints, which will make both garments stand out.

Wedding trends 2022: who suits the empire style wedding dress

Wedding trends 2022: who suits the empire style wedding dress

To cover shoulders and arms

This is one of the primary functions of this complement of the look, particularly if it is a ceremony in church, where it is better to hide the shoulders or excessive necklines. The elegant shawl can also come in handy in the case of evening events, whipped by a light summer breeze, or again, in case the big day is marked by inclement weather. On all these occasions, the stole will be an indispensable ally to be chic, without tarnishing the chosen dress.

like wearing a stole

At Giorgio Armani Spring-Summer 2022, the stole is a sculptural, delicate and feminine accessory

The ways to wear a stole are different. Among the most regal is the one that plans to place it lightly on the chest, just under the chin, letting the two flaps fall behind the shoulders. So it will flutter with every step or blow of wind, giving the outfit an appearance theatrical, even if not very comfortable. Alternatively, for a purely decorative effect, you can choose to pass the shoulder cover behind the back, resting it in the crook of the elbow, one of the most adopted solutions by celebrities on the red carpet.

like wearing a stole

At the Met Gala 2022 Hailey Bieber paired the Saint Laurent slip dress with a theatrical extra long feathered stole

How to wear the stole in a particular and elegant way

In the event that the dress chosen for a wedding or a formal event is sober and linear, the stole can be transformed into the protagonist of the look. How? Bringing her unexpectedly and making her one statement. For example, you can decide to stop it just below the shoulder, almost forming a one-shoulder top, or wearing it as a real shawl, letting the ends, with fringes or feathers, decorate the neck and décolleté.

One can be used to tie the flaps broochpreferably jewel, for a very chic effect, or opt for a simple and discreet one node. In both cases, the shrug must be light and impalpable, otherwise the final look could be weighed down by this accessory. Finally, given the symbiosis between dress and stole, it would be better to choose them in the same shade.

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On the red carpet of the last Cannes Film Festival, Anne Hathaway showed off an Armani Privè dress with incorporated stole and train

For all summer weddings or dinners by the sea, the stole will be an elegant and versatile passe-partout.


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