• June 8, 2023

The new electric Volkswagen ID.5, explained in 5 steps

The third ID model arrives on the market, the electric family of the Wolfsburg brand that debuted with the Volkswagen ID.3, and then with the ID.4. The ID.5 is not only the bigger sister in the range, but the forerunner of many of the brand’s innovations which – with the aim of selling 70% of electric cars in Europe by 2030 – today on the hi- tech runs fast …

ID.5, in fact, is the first electric suv coupé, built on the MEB modular electric platform of the group, equipped with the latest version of the ID 3.1 software: an element that makes the vehicle able to communicate in the round, both with the driver as well as with the outside: cars and infrastructures included. But the news is not over. We have compiled a list, discovered behind the wheel.

The software “optimizes” the mileage range

Let’s start by saying that the ID.5 is offered with a single engine and rear-wheel drive (204 HP and a declared range of 520 km; at 53,000 euros) or in a GTX version with two engines and all-wheel drive (299 HP, 490 km of autonomy; about 59,000 euros). The help of the software now guarantees an improvement in the management of the battery and motors, with less abrupt braking and without wasting energy in the stops and restarts, optimizing the regenerative charge. Moreover, it is not new that the driving methods chosen by the driver influence not only the performance of the model, but also the duration of the “full tank”. Among the novelties, therefore, the battery icon appears on the display with the autonomy available also in percentage: an aid to better dose the accelerator foot.

Last but not least, ID.5 improves charging, always with the help of the software: it is possible to attach to the fast HPC columns in direct current DC up to a maximum of 135 kW instead of 125. Result? Six minutes less for every 100 km of “full”. In the choice of infrastructures, the navigator is now able to directly give the times for the stop.

ID.5 recognizes the charging station

ID.5 is compatible with the Plug & Charge system, which allows direct communication between the car and the charging stations: the car fills up by simply inserting the cable without having to use any app. So stop to connection problems, smartphone discharged or public columns with unlikely codes to enter. ID.5 authenticates as soon as the customer plugs in the cable. This is followed by the top-up procedure and, at the end, the payment.

The global challenge of the ID.4 electric SUV

by Ilaria Salzano

ID.5 stores the parking maneuvers

And when is it time to stop? ID.5 equipped with cameras and radar, is not only able to identify a free parking space – by pressing a button on the dashboard – but also to choose and carry out the maneuvers in a semi-automatic way (the driver must always agree to the phases). It does not end here. The Park Assist Plus with Memory function also manages to memorize everything, so that it can be repeated when you return to the same place. A useful process also, for example, if you have a box of limited size and you use the same procedure every day.

The car is able to communicate with the driver

The goal of ID.5 – for those who get on board it will be easy to understand – is, in any case, to get to communicate directly with the driver. A process carried out with the ID. Interactive Light: a lighting system that translates into light signals – from welcome, to traffic signs, to assistance systems and Infotainment systems – to drive with greater peace of mind and keep your eyes on the road. An intuitive and “emotional” communication, even with voice commands: ID. Light is in fact able to react by giving visual feedback. Optimized, of course, the level of voice recognition raised to 95% (information is also searched for thanks to the internet connection) and the ability to distinguish the voices of the driver and passengers …

Volkswagens (ID.5 for now) can communicate with each other

Finally, ID.5 introduces standard Car2X technology. What does this mean? Technologically speaking, cars that possess this peculiarity can communicate via the cloud, sharing information on the route, such as traffic, dangers, road closures, weather events on the network. One way to be alerted in time and change your route. Real-time alerts for the driver that arrive directly on the car display, to save, as they say, time and money, as well as, of course, waste of energy …

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