• May 29, 2023

Sergei died at work in the Genoa airport: family, union and Sampdoria in his heart

Repubblica dedicates a fixed space to deaths at work. A Spoon River that tells the lives of each victim, preventing them from turning into trivial statistical data. Invisible and forgotten lives. In our country, an average of three workers a day do not return home and “Dying from work” is intended as an uninterrupted reminder to institutions and politics until this “crime of peace” ends.

On the last day of the championship, the Sampdoria fans who came to Milan for the match against Inter and to celebrate his salvation, displayed a banner in his honor. Sergei Robbiano, fifty years old who died on the job at the Genoa airport, Sampdoria in the depths and a left-wing man engaged in basic trade union activity. Especially Monica’s husband and Samuele and Andrea’s father. During a night shift in the Ligurian airport, during the inspection of the runways, his car ended up in the sea and he did not make it: an ischemia, according to the autopsy, in any case a death at work because no one will ever know if Faster rescues or other security measures could have saved his life.

“Where there was a ball, he was there”, say the friends of Sergei, captain of Arci Isoverde Calcio, until last year in the first team and recently in the over 40. Great football at the stadium with his Sampdoria , the amateur one every time he wore his shoes. And then the commitment in the base union with which, a few weeks before the end, he took to the streets in Rome in the demonstration for peace. A “companion”, his colleagues say, and on the other hand that first name and that given to his inseparable little dog Cuba, say a lot about Sergei’s political passions. “I had the pleasure of meeting him when I was still a child – he writes on social media Fede – he was a customer of my family’s bar, a really polite and kind person, he always had a good word for everyone. He is a really nice person left ”. And Anna: “Hi Sergei, a big hug. Now everyone up there will be a bit happier and you will be able to talk about Sampdoria even with my dad ”. Daniele, a practically colleague of Sergei’s brother (apart from his passion for Genoa), does not rest easy talking to local reporters: “he had an unmistakable voice and I can still hear his stamp now. I hope he hasn’t noticed anything ”. Sampdoria, after an entire season of tribulations, will also play in Serie A for the next championship. But Sergei will not be on the South Steps.

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