• June 5, 2023

The best Netflix anime in the catalog set at school (in our opinion)

In the last twenty years, the production of Japanese manga it has more than doubled. The success of some sagas around the world has been such as to push the young “mangaka” to get involved. Thanks to them, the manga genre has made a qualitative leapgoing to embrace the various shades of society.

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If in fact once the manga par excellence could be summed up in the classic good-bad dichotomynowadays cartoonists are inspired by scenes of everyday life, social problems, relational dynamics and much more, to make your work faithful to reality.

And among the new manga on the Japanese scene, the school retains a special place. In fact, in Japan they are numerous social complaints that come from the school context, poisoned by cases of bullying and harassment on all. The Netflix catalog is very rich in the animated transpositions of these manga, or anime: here are the ones that Skuola.net recommends.

My Hero Academia

In a reality parallel to ours, most human beings, due to a genetic mutation, have developed superpowers called “Quirks”. Over the years, quirks become a common element in human society, enough to be exploited in the most varied ways. Humans with higher level powers aspire to become heroes and defeat criminal activity; but to become one they will necessarily have to go through the academy of heroes: a real school devoted to teaching the profession of hero.

The protagonist is Izuku Midoriya, a human born without any power. However, the boy manages to get a particular quirk – which will then be decisive for the fate of the story – and to enter the academy of heroes. My Hero Academia is one of the shonen more in vogue in recent years and, thanks to a raw but refined style, and the fluidity of the scenes it is among the best products on the Japanese scene.

Prison School

An exclusive Japanese girls’ school with strict rules, which prevent members from engaging in romantic relationships with boys, it also opens its gates to male students. After a very tough selection, only five children manage to access the institute. The purposes of the five they are far from noble and on the first day of school they are immediately caught spying on the girls’ bathroom. To punish their behaviorthe principal sends them to a structure outside the school that functions as a prison, complete with striped uniforms and hard labor.


The “Hyakkaou” institute is a prestigious private school in which students are divided according to base social background. The student council dominates all, which dictates the law to its students through betting and gambling. If you win, heaven awaits you, if you lose, hell. Those who take care of the bets are envied by all, while the weak suffer the imposed absurdities from school. One day comes a new student named Yumeko Jabami, and the balance of power within the institution they begin to falter.

The hill of poppies

A trademark film, directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of the most famous director. The story is set in Japan in 1963, the year before the XVIII Tokyo Olympics. Forced to grow without a father and with a mother who is always absent, Umi skilfully juggles between studying and the working activity of the family. The protest against the demolition of a school dormitory connects the life of the young woman to that of her comrade Shun, but soon the two friends discover that they are linked by a remote secret.

Full Metal Panic

In an alternate present where the Soviet Union is still alivecreating the conditions for the continuation of the cold war, the evolution of armaments has reached unimaginable levels. A development made possible by Black Technology, an innate knowledge present in the subconscious of some individuals: i whispered. In this scenario, Mithril appears, an organization of mercenaries that aims to quell armed clashes, using the advanced technology contained in whispered.

The protagonist is Sosuke Sagara, a mercenary in the pay of Mithril who will be responsible for protecting a whispeder girl, Kaname Chidori. To do this the soldier will have to dress civilian clothes and to enroll in the same high school as Kaname: all without being discovered by the young woman.

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