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THE swimwear and clothing for the sea are synonymous with life in the open air and unforgettable experiences made on vacation. The marine style of dressing is increasingly used also in the city and not only by brave captains on sailboats or swimmers. From the beaches to everyday life there are not only good memories and as we will see in this article there is a way of dressing that is not just about the summer sea in a bikini.

Stylists and designers have come up with one swimwear where elegance is made of emotion and adventure for a sporty style that combines practicality and technique. From costumes for men and women perfect for those who love to swim or practice water sports, to trousers, shirts, t-shirts and accessories to wear in the streets of the city center, it is a unique and non-casual clothing that puts the body in tune with the nature.

Swimwear history

The fashion of swimwear for men and women over the course of history it has changed in a truly remarkable way following the evolution of society. Being able to put on a pair of panties or a bikini in public is a fairly recent achievement. Until the beginning of the last century, swimming was not considered appropriate and indeed considered immoral. However, during the twentieth century, things changed when swimming became a sport thanks to the emergence of a new middle class of men and women eager to occupy their free time with fun activities.

But even if swimming was starting to please, discovering the body was considered unbecoming especially for the wealthier social classes. On the beach, men and women dressed in dresses that covered the whole body, long trousers or skirts, corsets, socks and shoes, while to swim in the sea they used tight suits or pajamas in flannel or wool. As society slowly changed, lighter swimsuits began to be used to swim, leaving arms and legs uncovered.

To see the first two-piece women’s costumes, however, we had to wait until the 1930s in France, with the fashion of tanning. Today, whether it is for swimming competitions or for swimming in the sea, swimwear with innovative materials and increasingly adherent shapes are studied. The old models look as ridiculous as they are modest and unlikely.

Sale of swimwear and bikinis

A century has passed from the full-length suits of the early 1900s to the current breathtaking bikinis. Swimwear has come out of the water to become clothes to be worn even in the city to be combined with skirts, miniskirts, dresses and trousers. Models in innovative and sustainable materials can be found in specialized online stores.

Bonprix Beachwear fashion and swimwear sale at competitive prices in the collections for men, women and children

Decathlon On the official website all models of swimwear at low prices for beachwear and sportswear for adults and children

Asos The new proposals of models of swimsuits for men and bikinis for women, one-piece, high-waisted and with underwire to be used on the beach and in the swimming pools

Zalando The new beachwear collection proposed on the site of the famous multinational specialized in the sale of clothing online at low prices

Beachwear brands

All the most famous designers sell clothing for the sea but the brands that we have listed below are born with the intention of offering the public an elegant informal marine style even in city life. The colors that are the most popular are red, white and blue with tailored cuts and accessories inspired by the navy.

Paul Shark An Italian brand that produces classy clothing for life at sea or in any case of seafaring inspiration

Henrilloyd Since 1963 he has been creating sports sailing clothing with lines and materials inspired by seafaring life and navigation

Musto World leading brand in sailing and equestrian sports clothing such as clothing, footwear, suitcases and accessories for all climates and terrains

Plastimo Iconic brand in pleasure boating for accessories for safe navigation and clothing for dressing on every occasion

Billabong Sportswear dedicated to those who love the sea and water sports such as surfing

Sundek Online shop of the famous men’s swimwear brand which then created an entire line of sportswear for men and women

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