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All films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order of release

The Marvel Cinematic Universealso known by the acronym MCUis the set of films and TV series produced by Marvel StudiosAnd began with the first Iron Man movie in 2008. I’ve been one ever since thirty films released or just announced and a little less the related TV series. Marvel Cinematic Universe complete list of films in order of release

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So it is very easy lose count of the products seen and those that should be recovered. For this reason, below you will find all four so far known phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with all the films that make them up.

The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: phase one

There are four phases that mark the release of the various films of the MCU, and which began, as already mentioned, in 2008. Marvel Studios’ initial plan was to create a shared universe like the one created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in comics in the 1960s.

Therefore, despite the time the rights of Spider-Man were sold to Sony, Marvel began the franchise with the idea of ​​introducing the Avengers to theaters. So phase one consists of the following films:

    Iron Man: May 1, 2008
    The Incredible Hulk: June 18, 2008
    Iron Man 2: April 30, 2010
    Thor: April 27, 2011
    Captain America – The First Avenger: July 22, 2011
    The Avengers: April 25, 2012

Marvel Cinematic Universe, phase two: complete list

Since then, Marvel has been adding more and more pieces to their universe, expanding it in numerous ways. Phase two follows:

    Iron Man 3: April 24, 2013
    Thor: The Dark World: November 20, 2013
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier: March 26, 2014
    Guardians of the Galaxy: October 22, 2014
    Avengers: Age of Ultron: April 22, 2015
    Ant-Man: August 12, 2015

The films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: phase three

There phase three sees the conclusion of a very important cycle of the MCUwith whom many heroes introduced so far and loved by the public, permanently retire from the scene, marking a very important watershed:

    Captain America: Civil War: May 4, 2016
    Doctor Strange: October 26, 2016
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: April 25, 2017
    Spider-Man: Homecoming: July 6, 2017
    Thor: Ragnarok: October 25, 2017
    Black Panther: February 14, 2018
    Avengers: Infinity War: April 25, 2018
    Ant-Man and the Wasp: August 14, 2018
    Captain Marvel: March 6, 2019
    Avengers: Endgame: April 24, 2019
    Spider-Man: Far from Home: July 10, 2019

Marvel Cinematic Universe films of phase four

Phase four is the one currently in progressand whose end date is not yet seen:

    Black Widow: July 7, 2021
    Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings: 1 September 2021
    Eternals: November 3, 2021
    Spider-Man: No Way Home: December 15, 2021
    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: May 4, 2022
    Thor: Love and Thunder: July 6, 2022
    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: November 11, 2022
    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania: February 17, 2023
    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: May 5, 2023
    Fantastic Four: date to be defined

So, in theory the current phase should end with the Fantastic Four moviethe official date of which has not yet been disclosed.

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