• May 28, 2023

Woody Allen: everything you ever wanted to know about the great director. About the new Robinson

Life: a bad business conceived without our consent that constantly generates pain but that despite everything is worth living. Him: a clumsy and awkward little Jew who has nothing heroic about him. A few months after his eighty-seventh birthday, while he started preparing his fiftieth film and on the occasion of the arrival in Italy of his new book, Woody Allen is told exclusively on the cover of Robinson on newsstands from Saturday 4 June.

Antonio Monda interviewed him in New York to whom the great director responds with the irony that has always distinguished him without omitting anything: cinema, love for Manhattan – which also emerges from these stories, full of lightning jokes, collected in Zero Gravity, out in Italy for La nave di Theseo – and the politically correct, the witch hunt, literature and the feud with ex-partner Mia Farrow. Of which she says: “I will never be able to forgive her. Tennessee Williams says deliberate cruelty is unforgivable: I try not to think about it, but what he did to me is evil and premeditated. His accusations of him are false, as justice has also decreed ”. And once again he uses irony as his only weapon in the face of the mystery of a life that, he confesses, is “full of loneliness, misery, suffering, unhappiness and unfortunately lasts too short” but adds “it does not mean that that is not worth living “.

Then continue the chronicles from the Bataclan of Emmanuel Carrère while the author to be rediscovered this week by popular demand of readers is Dante Troisi, judge and writer, in the portrait that Giancarlo De Cataldo makes for us. Among the reviews to the books coming out this week, do not miss that of Viola Ardone to the stories of Maylis de Kerangal, one of the most important French writers, collected in Canoes (Feltrinelli) whose common thread is the power of the voice: in bookstores from 7 June. And then again Gabriele Romagnoli read for us What a book! (Nn editor) of Jason Mott, winner of the National Book Award who, between the surreal and the fantastic, here comes to terms with racism, mourning and the sense of literature. While Pablo Maurette reviews the award-winning and brutal story told by the Colombian Pilar Quintana in The bitch (The turtle). Finally, come back with a new adventure titled The carriage of the saint (Einaudi) the assistant commissioner Vanina Guarrasi, lucky heroine of the mystery writer Cristina Cassar Scaliaof which Stefania Parmeggiani tells us everything.

In the pages dedicated to children, we anticipate a passage from the latest novel by Jason Reynolds, African American champion of fiction for young people, Stuntboy (published by Rizzoli) which tells the story of a little boy who lives in a city block and has very special powers. Always for the little ones it is also the protagonist Isolde (Lupoguido), enterprising globetrotting girl born from the pen of the Andersen award-winning writer Annie MG Schmidtconsidered the Astrid Lindgren of Holland: she has reviewed the book and tells us about its author, who has sadly passed away, Ilaria Zaffino.

The photography instead protagonist in the pages of the art with the shots of Shomei Tomatsu And Daido Moriyama on display at Maxxi of Rome that show us the pulsating rhythm of Tokyo, its frenetic heart, the miseries and the splendors, from the unprecedented point of view of a stray. Gregorio Botta tells us about them. While Raffaella De Santis saw the retrospective dedicated, also in Rome, to the painter Bice Lazzarian artist who chose the abstract during fascism.

For the shows, Anna Bandettini interviewed the Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin which debuts in Italy while Luca Valtorta met in the comics Vincenzo Filosa And Nicola Zurlo authors of a crazy manga “nippocalabrase”, two worlds only apparently very distant. Finally, this week’s Straparlando is with the writer Giuseppe Montesanoa great lover of French literature and in particular of Baudelaire.

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