• June 8, 2023

Tips to aesthetically enhance your home before the sale – PinkItalia

To make your home as close as possible to your needs and style each owner spends a lot of time and money, but this type of effort is almost always rewarded and therefore allows you to live in a welcoming and satisfying environment for the eyes as well. Similarly, if you decide to sell your property it is always better to commit to making it even more beautiful before offering it on the market. Its enhancement also passes, if not above all, from first impression that the house is able to give to the potential customerand to achieve this, there is nothing more effective than acting on an aesthetic level with small but significant tricks most of the time able to make a difference and therefore guarantee a greater profit for the seller. Selling a house through a specialized agency such as Rockagent will also guarantee aoptimization of the deal in terms of timing, thanks to the experience of real estate agents with in-depth knowledge of industry trends and the characteristics of the local market. Here are some tips to make your property splash to the top of any buyer’s favorite homes list.

Creating larger spaces

If the house has a structure characterized by adjacent micro environmentsa good idea is to merge them or make them connected on an aesthetic and decorative level, in order to create apparently more spacious and enjoyable rooms. In this sense, it is possible to act concretely with the use of curtains and carpets with the same ornamental motif, opting for pastel colors and in any case light, able to make the environment seem larger and less gloomy.

More space, less furniture

Getting rid of the furniture that has accompanied us for who knows how many years is never easy, but it does not mean that our ability to survive in rooms full of furniture is shared by those who are about to buy the property. For this reason it will be necessary to make a selection, favoring only those elements that are most suitable for one essential home conception and that it will appeal to a wider audience of people. A sale is also decided by making the most of the law of large numbers.

Cuisine: the real watershed

It often happens that the kitchen is the environment that decides whether to negotiate for the purchase or not. For this reason, at the very least, the whole environment must be shiny and clean, with the elimination of all the superfluous that could adversely affect the aesthetic level. If there is a dining table, it is better to embellish it and make it more welcoming through a nice tablecloth and some flowers. There is nothing worse than a bare and cold object in the middle of the kitchen.

Shedding light on the potential of the house

The arrangement of the entire lighting system in the house allows you to take advantage of those strengths that can allow you to entice a potential customer. You can range with different solutions for each environment, choosing warm colors for the most convivial areas, and brighter lights to bring out paintings or other aesthetic solutions. Not to be ignored, of course, also the scented candleshaving the foresight to opt for fragrances that are not too invasive.

Bedrooms with a neutral look

For this type of environments, the choice that pays the most in the long run is to depersonalize them as much as possible, thus making them suitable for the taste of potential customers. Better then to choose neutral colored linen and that express cleanliness, embellishing the context with little invasive and beautiful to see artistic objects. The objects related to the life of the seller should be limited as much as possible, unless they allow the potential buyer to get an idea on how to personalize the environment once the purchase is finalized.

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