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Camplus: getting the most out of your studies and living a student lifestyle of 110 and praise is possible. Word of student

The new academic year is approaching. If you are about to start your adventure as an off-site student, or you are an “expert” university student and have already lived away from home for a few years, but would like to change your path, you are probably already looking for a new accommodation that can really do for you.


What if we told you that you have the opportunity to live near the university, with all the space you need for yours moments of relaxationwith many other guys like you to share your university experience to the fullest? And if in the same solution I also found support for study and career guidance?
All this has a name: Camplus.

Camplus residences, the largest housing provider for university students in Italy, give you all this, because they are much more than just accommodation. Thanks to the Camplus College and Camplus Apartments formulas, you can find rooms and apartments suited to your needs, located in areas close to or well connected to universities. With, in addition, many useful services and leisure opportunities. You go by courses from language And tutoring to the Career Service (reserved for the Camplus College formula), from study rooms to the area dedicated to fitness. But without losing sight of the study, on the contrary: Camplus also helps you to be up-to-date with the exams and graduate on time, thanks to a staff made up of a director, a community contact person and tutors you can rely on during your university career..

Camplus, an unforgettable university experience: the students say it

Why give up on all of this? The problems related to the accommodation of off-site, sometimes, can make the university period practically a nightmare and slow down the achievement of one’s goals. An apartment that is too far from the university makes getting around difficult, and if it is located in an isolated neighborhood with no services, it also makes it difficult to simply go shopping. And what to say if the house is “crowded” by many, too many, roommates who are not careful about hygiene or noise, maybe just when you need to study more?

Camplus is an accommodation that is not only beautiful, comfortable and well located in relation to the city center and the universitybut which is also gifted too of the most useful services for students and where a real community of young people from all over the world is created. To testify are the residents themselves, as he says Maurizio, 5th year student residing in Campluswho studies Design and spent the first three years of university in Palermo and the last two in Florence. “The common thread of my path was living for 5 years in the Camplus university residence”. The story of Maurizio was born, says the graduate student, from a “pen”. A pen that a professor lent him at school and that he found after a long time among a thousand documents: “It really occurred to me that Camplus was that extra element that allowed me to write my university experience”.
“Camplus is home” adds the student. “The welcome is what amazed me the most, finding young people from various parts of Italy with whom to be able to share not only the university, but life “. Because, explains Maurizio, “in here I not only found the right environment in which to grow, but also something that at the same time stimulated me to give more. The right environment favors the success of a university course.
We all have different paths and experiences. How can you in the midst of all this not enrich yourself?
In short, it was a journey, that of Maurizio, that the student will take with him even after his studies, through the memories and emotions he experienced in the years spent in the residences: “The most important memory that I carry inside is the friendship that was born between me and my roommates in Palermo, who are still my best friends today. With them I learned to listen, to gradually open up and to be myself. ” They are these the values ​​acquired in Camplus which he wants to treasure and which, he says, he would like to carry with him in his “luggage” after graduation.

24 hours in the Camplus residences. Bet you want to be there too?

But Maurizio’s is not an isolated story. From Milan to Palermo there are many guys who have chosen the Camplus residences and who have decided to tell one of their own typical day made of study but not only thanks to the numerous services present in the structures. Curious to know how it unfolds? You just have to watch their videos!

Camplus Turro, Milan

Not having to worry about preparing meals and being able to devote more time to study, thanks to specific classrooms, and to sport with the presence of a gym always available to students. These are some of the services offered by Camplus Turro in Milan.

Camplus Bernini, Turin

Divide the days between study, moments of leisure without forgetting some necessary activities such as making sure you always have clean linen. At Camplus Bernini in Turin, doing all this is not only possible but also very convenient thanks to the services offered by the structure.

Camplus Bononia, Bologna

From Camplus Bononia in Bologna, Martina’s morning is divided between study and moments of pause spent with friends. In the afternoon, after lessons with the tutors, a bit of a gym. And in the evening, space for the cinema without giving up a last moment of fun before going to bed! All activities carried out within the residence!

Camplus Pietralata, Rome

In the residence located in the capital, in the Pietralata area, the studio is certainly not the only protagonist of the days spent by the students. In fact, thanks to the equipped spaces in the structure, children can devote themselves to fitness and also to music

Camplus Palermo

Days full of study and individual lessons at the Camplus in Palermo, but there is also room for relaxation for children. In fact, between the gym and the soccer field, there is certainly no lack of carefree moments to share with friends.

Camplus, discover the locations and the opportunities: your home for the university

How did it happen to Camplus students and former students, once you join the large Camplus community, you will feel like “at home”. The years of university are important and it is right that this experience is lived to the fullest. It is in this period that the most lasting friendships are made and the foundations are laid for one’s future.
Camplus provides accommodations in Bologna, Catania, Cesena, Ferrara, Florence, Milan, Padua, Palermo, Parma, Pavia, Rome, Turin, Udine and Venice, and in Seville in Spain. Overall, they are more than 10 thousand, today, the beds managed by Camplus and dedicated to university students or young workers.
Not only that: new openings are on the way. A new Camplus College residence will be built in Bologna in the green hills of Bologna, with accommodation for 77 students. In Turin, the future residence will open in the district of the former Olympic Village, for the redevelopment of the buildings and to give the city a renewed and safe space. Finally, in Florence, the former Palazzo Poste will become a residence for university students and young workers consisting of 200 beds, with both single and double rooms.
The Camplus proposal includes two different housing solutions: Camplus College, university residences and university colleges of meritwhich provide for reductions for the tuition linked to income or merit, up to 30% reduction, with variable amounts and conditions that can be consulted in the admission calls, and Camplus Apartments, rooms in residences and apartmentsfor those who want a more independent university experience.

Camplus College and Camplus Apartments, a plus in your university life

University life is perhaps the most intense of life. Because studying is fundamental, but so is establishing new relationships and experimenting with interests that, who knows, one day may be fundamental for the future of work. This Camplus knows it well: for this reason the residences are far from being simple lodgings and the apartments are managed by a staff that supports you at the beginning of your stay in the city.
The formula Camplus College, as mentioned, includes two alternatives to choose from: the Colleges of Merit and the University Residences. The firstrecognized and accredited by the Ministry of University and Research, offer beds in the various Camplus College facilities and provide for subsidized fees based on length of stay, merit or income, as well as agreements with public and private bodiesand to access it you need to send an admission application and take an interview.
Students who opt for Colleges of Merit enjoy 360 degrees of all that Camplus can offer, with an all-inclusive residential formula and tailor-made courses for their university studies, as well as a wide availability of common spaces and other advantages.

For example, you can take part to club activities, which refer to different subject areas and which help to share experiences with other students and grow your CV. And if you think you want to undertake a work or study path abroad, or simply want to be ready for the challenges of the world of work, you can prepare yourself with language courses. One cannot fail to mention, among the advantages of the Camplus formula, the aforementioned tutoring: those who want to give their best in their studies without giving up everything else, can do so thanks to the help of over 500 tutors including doctoral students, researchers and experts, who, in addition to giving support in the various subjects, will allow them to deepen them and have a even more accurate view of the arguments.
Not only: the internal Career Servicepresent in the Camplus College structures, will lead to undertake a career guidance path useful to achieve the goals for one’s own tomorrow.

The university residences, instead, they are not linked to university performance and it is possible to book accommodation by making a request according to availability. These are private rooms or apartments that combine independence and privacy with the possibility of using the services listed for the Colleges of Merit and participating in some of the Camplus College community activities as a fruitful “extra”.

For those who love a more autonomous approach, the formula Camplus Apartments instead it gives all the freedom of movement required. Thanks to the presence of one staff to refer to for the management of the apartment and to possible “practical” or “bureaucratic” problems, they can facilitate students in all “extra study” activities that sometimes distract from their goals when living alone, or simply make them lose precious time.

Camplus residences

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