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American pistachios: why they are good – Donnamoderna

R.ichs of vital nutrients, have a beneficial action on the intestinal microbiota, promote cognitive functions, protect the health of the skin. Plus, they are good

To follow proper nutrition it contributes to maintaining good physical health, to being well psychically and mentally. Because this happens it is necessary to diversify one’s diet, that is to expand and vary as much as possible the type of foods consumed. Introducing some details in addition to the more common ones.

Between these, American pistachios they can make a difference. To deepen the subject were two professionals who collaborate with American Pistachio Growers, a non-profit association of American pistachio producers. I’m Giorgio Doneganifood technologist and expert in Nutrition and Food Education, e Sara Cordaraspecialist in food science and nutritionist.

American pistachios

The link between American pistachios and intestinal microbiota

The intestine can be considered a second brain: it is in fact the only organ to contain an intrinsic nervous system capable of producing hormones and neurotransmitters. It even produces 90% of serotonin, the neurotransmitter of happiness. Taking care of it on a daily basis is therefore essential.

A healthy and balanced diet is among the main factors that determine the right composition of ours intestinal microbiota; on the other hand, an imbalance of the microflora, changes in functional composition and metabolic activities or a shift in their local distribution are related to various diseases including type 2 diabetes and obesity.

The regular consumption of American pistachios it was instead associated with a positive modulation of the microbiota, as well as with the protection of cognitive functions and optimal skin health.

The study that makes you think

There are several studies they have analyzed the effect of nuts on the intestinal microbiota of an adult person and their intestinal activity. One, in particular, was based on the observation of 3 treatment groups: without nuts; 42.5 g / day of almonds or pistachios; 85 g of portions / day of almonds or pistachios. And the results were amazing.

The effect of consuming American pistachios on the composition of the intestinal microbiota was much more significant than that of the consumption of almonds and resulted in a increase in the number of beneficial bacteria. Conversely, a decrease in lactic acid bacteria has been demonstrated after the consumption of pistachios.

I always recommend – explains Giorgio Doneganito include American pistachios in one’s diet as a nutritious snack to calm hunger. But I especially recommend pistachios for the wealth of vital nutrients they contain, as they are great for stimulating the growth of good gut bacteria.“.

American pistachios

American Pistachio Growers mission

The American Pistachio Growers (APG) is an agricultural nonprofit that represents pistachio growers, those who work with them and industry partners from California, Arizona and New Mexico.

We remember that the US is in first place in the world commercial production of pistachios, with 340 thousand tons grown in 2019. 99% of this total is attributable to the Californiawhere the APG has its headquarters (in Fresno, to be exact).

The mission of the association is to protect the interests of pistachio growers, also through the promotion, research and development of new products. The association is also engaged in a variety of activities relating to maintaining a leadership position in relations with the government, communicating among members, managing unfair trade activities, regulating the use of pesticides and food safety.

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