• May 28, 2023

Mercedes unveils the new GLC, hybrid only. Diesel included

ROME – With 2.6 million customers conquered and as the best-selling Mercedes model in the last two years, the GLC is a backbone among the SUVs (and not only) of the German manufacturer and in conjunction with the world premiere in live streaming from Stuttgart, Mercedes-Benz Italy has unveiled the new generation of its successful midsize Sport Utility.

Characterized by taut surfaces, well-defined edges and a design designed to evoke the stylistic features of modern luxury, the new GLC is available exclusively with hybrid propulsion (both plug-in with 100 kilometers of electric range and mild hybrid equipped with 48volts technology and integrated alternator-starter) and as suggested by the letter G, the car is designed to tackle more types of terrain. Specifically, the range consists of four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, combined with an electric motor; four make use of the lightweight hybrid while the three plug-in versions boast an overall maximum output of 333 horsepower for 750nm of torque. On the latter power-unit, the Hybrid driving mode is designed to optimize flows and increase efficiency in order to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Formula EQE, so Mercedes pushes on the electric

by Matteo Morichini

To a more advanced electrified drive, the GLC adds the promise of great Mercedes comfort and improvements dedicated to off-road driving that from the Offroad screen extend to renewed visibility thanks to the “transparent engine hood” effect as well as the effectiveness of the four-wheel drive. . In road driving, on the other hand, the GLC expertise lies in the overall comfort of the well-finished interiors (as well as hyper-connected via the Mbux system) and in the new tuning of the sports suspension, in turn assisted by the new four-link front axle. and from the rear steering axle. This last option, available only in combination with the models equipped with air suspension, should make the steering more direct on the front axle, increasing the agility of the vehicle between curves and during maneuvers.

As for the exterior, the new GLC presents the typical features of SUVs and related distinctive elements (such as the chromed bumper protection and the handrail) simultaneously showing off revised proportions and new optical groups, which connect the grille with standard chromed frame. In the spacious cockpit, on the other hand, the instrument panel has two areas arranged horizontally and a central display which, when viewed from some perspectives, gives the optical sensation of being suspended. All on-board technologies are at the forefront of connectivity, logistical information, predictive functions and active and passive safety systems. Once inside, the seats and door upholstery gracefully blend classicism and modernity, creating a welcoming and well-finished environment.

On the commercial side, the GLC will be on sale from next autumn with the novelty of a unique European offer that includes six different trim levels, four of which by AMG. Mercedes has not currently stated the prices but with the same positioning in the range compared to the current versions, the new GLC will have more exhaustive standard equipment and therefore, higher entry lists.

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