Swollen legs and varicose veins: how to remedy – Donnamoderna

Swollen legs and varicose veins: how to remedy - Donnamoderna

There are those who run to the specialist at the first capillary in evidence (and it’s good!) But there are also those who postpone too much, for fear of having to undergo long and painful therapies. The good news is that today against varicose veins (or varicose veins) we intervene in a soft way even in the most complex cases (such as the much feared saphenous). The result leaves no scars and restores beauty and lightness


Do you have swelling in your legs? There is the month of prevention of Modern Woman. In June, the experts of the Vein & Derma Clinic of the Institute of Care of the City of Pavia – San Donato Group, respond on Mondays and Fridays from 17.30 to 19.30 at the number 3666175094, or by email: info.veinedermaclinic@grupposandonato.it

I don’t want to end up with the legs like my grandmother’s! “There are many girls who, driven by this fear, book a visit with me as soon as they have some visible capillaries,” says Alessia Dossena, vascular surgeon, head of the Vein & Derma Clinic of the Institute of Care of the City of Pavia – San Donato Group. “And they are right to want to deal with the disorder, thinking about cases in the family. At the base of the vein problems in fact there is a structural weakness of the genetically determined venous wall, which manifests itself over time with the irreversible dilation and elongation of capillaries, venules and veins of the lower limbs ».

V.varicose ene: prevention

We should all be foresighted like these girls. And even more attention must be paid in particular cases. In pregnancy, when the risk of varicose veins is higher, mainly due to the gradual enlargement of the uterus. In fact, there is a dilation of the veins of the pelvis, which temporarily makes the venous return to the heart more difficult. But even if you suffer from osteoarticular pathologies such as hallux valgus or flat foot: these problems affecting the foot cause incorrect posture and hinder the correct functionality of the “sponge” present at the plantar level.

Those who are most at risk should all the more anticipate and consult a specialist at the first suspicious signs. For instance, a sense of heaviness in the legs, especially in the evening, if you have been on your feet a lot or if it is very hot, it should not be underestimated. “They are important alarm bells, which can often be kept under control with some specific precautions and care” continues the expert. “But only the specialist can tell. I have seen on social media advertisements for miracle creams that promise to make varicose veins disappear: nothing could be more false, there are no topical products or drugs that can in any way reduce or eliminate varicose veins “. If varicose veins have already formed, medical-surgical therapies are needed and today there are soft ones able to solve all the problems caused by venous insufficiency.

Varicose veins: tailor-made solutions for every ailment

Swelling of the ankles, sensation of having “hard” legs, networks of capillaries or even bluish knots under the skin. These are the signs that indicate the presence of circulation problems. You recognize yourself, but you postpone it because you remember the torments your mother passed through after an operation for her varices? Today this is no longer the case. Let’s see why.

The most innovative solution for varicose veins is called TRAP, or three-dimensional phlebotherapy, and consists of injections of a low concentration sodium salicylate sclerosing solution directly into the area to be treated. Unlike other therapies, such as sclerotherapy, here the heritage of veins and capillaries remains intact: the drug restores the diseased vessels to their original caliber. The treatment is outpatient and the number of sessions is decided by the specialist based on the severity of the disorder.

If, on the other hand, your problem is those ugly “cobwebs” of capillaries on your legs, today there is no way to erase them. With the vascular laser that works in the case of red and very thin caliber capillaries. It is a latest generation equipment that eliminates them in one or more sessions depending on the gravity, without leaving marks on the legs.

Also for the saphenous vein today there is a soft solution. In most cases, thermal ablation is performed. A micro-catheter is introduced through small cuts which, thanks to the heat emitted, “dries” the saphenous vein from the inside. The advantages? The micro-incisions heal without stitches, you return home the same day and within a few days you can return to a normal life. “They are all treatments that have no contraindications and, what is not a small thing, allow you to immediately resume daily activities” concludes the expert. “However, it is always better to plan them between October and April”. But there are not only medical therapies. You can do a lot to help your legs stay young and beautiful.

1. The benefits of lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage improves the return of fluids from the periphery and prevents the stagnation of fluids and toxins. Those who perform the massage perform a real lymphatic gymnastics, consisting of a very precise sequence of light pressures in specific points, and slow and repetitive manipulations.

Be careful though. Among massages, it is the most effective and targeted method, as long as it is performed by expert professionals, according to the indications established by the specialist. In fact, lymphatic drainage is contraindicated in the case of diseases such as tumors, deep vein thrombosis, severe heart failure and should be avoided if there are wounds or fractures that are not recomposed in the area to be treated.

2. Eat one apricot a day

Or a handful of cherries and blueberries. Or a nice ripe tomato. They contain large amounts of bioflavonoids, the substances that protect the walls of the vessels and improve blood circulation. Yes also to blue fish three times a week, because it is rich in fatty acids: they make the blood thin and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the walls of the veins. And among the legumes, favor peas at least once a week. They are a mix of substances that fight fluid retention. Finally, remember to drink at least a couple of liters of water a day: it counteracts stasis, that is, the slowing of blood flow.

3. The benefits of the “spiral massage”

Do this. In the evening, use a cream or gel based on blueberry, red vine or butcher’s broom plant extracts: they help improve leg ailments. Apply the product with the massage that starts from the ankle and gradually rises to the groin with delicate spiral movements. And keep the package in the fridge: it relieves the heat in the legs. In the morning, spend five minutes on sponging to stimulate lymphatic circulation and fight the stagnation of liquids. Fill a basin with water and ice, add five drops of geranium essential oil, soak a sponge and scrub your legs. You will feel what a relief!

15% is the percentage of men who have to deal with venous insufficiency

Over 30% of women have varicose vein and capillary problems in evidence

Varicose veins: the gym for those who never have time

Have you ever wondered why they always recommend doing sports for circulation? The answer is that physical activity improves oxygenation of the blood, which thus flows more fluidly. In addition, it reactivates that “pump” similar to a sponge that we have under the soles of our feet. And that counteracts the stagnation of liquids in our legs. The most suitable sports are walking and water activities, such as swimming And water aerobics. However, if you don’t have time in this period, follow our advice.

DURING THE DAY about every three hours, first place your heels and then little by little the whole sole, including toes, and repeat three times, as if your feet were on a rocking chair.
THE EVENING barefoot alternates ten steps on the toes and ten on the heels. Then, push down as if you want to leave your footprints and, at the same time, squeeze and release the calves 15 times.

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