• May 28, 2023

Kasia Gallanio, princess of Qatar, who died mysteriously in Marbella

Land her custody charges for her daughters had just been filed by a Parisian court: she had accused her ex-husband of sexual assault on her eldest daughter. It is yellow on death

The French newspaper Le Parisien confirmed today that, in somewhat suspicious and mysterious circumstances, the body of Kasia Gallanio, former princess of Qatar, was found and ex-wife of Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani, uncle of the Qatari emir.

A long legal battle

The news in a few minutes went around the world because the death, which occurred at his home in Marbella, Spain, appears to have been triggered by the consumption of harmful substances. We therefore speak of poisoning. Pending the autopsy that will be carried out by the Spanish judicial authorities, and which will try to clarify the whole affair, to trace fears about the premature end of the beautiful 46-year-old, is the legal battle he had just lost in a Parisian court.
The woman, in fact, for years he had been fighting to get back the custody (albeit joint) of his daughters and, less than a week ago, his complaints for the custody of the little girls had been definitively closed.

Murder or suicide?

But Kasia Gallanio had immediately made it known of not wanting to give up. Could this be what triggered the murder? Or was it “simply” her her problems of depression and alcoholism that she had fallen into for some time and that had made her lose the right to be the mother of her three children?

On his Instagram profile, he had often pleaded for justice. “The forsaken Princess“Kasia had been defined, perched in her pain and, also for this reason, not believed or taken into serious consideration. The youngest daughter could not speak to her for over a year because declared “unstable”: “Which makes me sad, because he gets a lot of material things from his father. So it’s like one manipulation and blackmail. It is as if a part of my body has disappearedHe told Woman’s World. And now her words seem to weigh like a stone.

And just to stay away from her daughters while taking care of her addictions – Kasia was hospitalized from November to February for a very strong exhaustion – she had decided to move to Spain and get away from luxurious villa on Avenue Montaigne, near the Champs-Elysees, in Paris, where the ex-husband (aged 73!) lives with his daughters.

The princess died of grief

Gallanio married Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani in 2004 and was his third wife. After the separation from her husband, the former princess (she lost her status through divorce), of dual Polish and American nationality, had denounced the ex-husband for sexual violence against his eldest daughter. Allegations that Abdelaziz bin Khalifa Al-Thani has always denied.

Perhaps the latest court refusal to listen to the demands of a mother who felt abandoned and excluded from the lives of her daughters was fatal. The former princess’s lawyer, Sabrina Boesch, who flew to Spain for identification, confided in Le Parisien «My client was devastated by this decision. I think she, really, she died of pain“.

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