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Skincare: new trends - PinkItalia

For over a decade, South Korea has been a real reference point for cosmetics and, in particular, skincare products. The arrival on the market of Dr. Jart + has had a major impact on Western cosmetics, making the Asian country a constant source of novelty. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the main trends of reference for summer 2022 come precisely from South Korea. The focus will be, in particular, on the ingredients of cosmetic formulations and their ability to protect the skin from the action of pollutants. Below, we see what the main skincare trends will be for summer 2022.

Protect and strengthen the skin

One of the ‘musts’ for next summer will be to protect and strengthen the skin, so as to prevent the damage that can cause atmospheric agents (UV rays in the first place) and pollution. This objective will be pursued using products capable of stimulating the microbiome.

Use products based on fermented ingredients

Among the main ‘seasonal’ innovations, cosmetic formulations based on fermented products will be very popular this year. In particular, green tea and fermented black tea (kombucha) are particularly popular, to be combined with vitamin A. This type of compounds of natural origin can also be applied on sensitive and delicate skin, implementing an effective repair and tissue regeneration.

Minimal skincare (Skinimalism)

Simple and quick treatments, instead of a long and elaborate cosmetics that involves the use of many products. From Korea comes “Skinimalism”, that is minimalist skincare, which is based not only on the use of a limited number of formulations but also on the choice of products with a reduced INCI; in other words: few products, and with few ingredients. In addition, the preference for formulations based on natural elements and compounds will be increasingly accentuated, to the detriment of cosmetics that contain ingredients of chemical origin.

Anti “mask” treatments

Trend son (also) of the times and new habits imposed by the pandemic, the use of products for the treatment of imperfections caused by prolonged use of the mask will certainly be in vogue this summer, the first in which there will be an almost complete return to normal. Many of the restrictions to combat the pandemic have been removed and the use of the mask remains limited to a few contexts; the desire to return to the life before Covid-19 will also pass from the removal of all the small imperfections connected with the use of protective devices.

High-tech skincare

Summer 2022 will also be the season of high-tech devices applied to skin cosmetics. In this sense, the LED maskable to attract skin impurities.

Choose products for your skincare

The choice of formulations to be used for skin care will certainly be influenced by new trends but cannot ignore an adequate consideration of personal needs, as well as the characteristics of the skin. To get an idea of ​​what products are commercially available, you can browse the digital catalog of an online pharmacy such as anticafarmaciaorlandi.itso you can easily access the many options available, not only for skin care but also for hair and body.

The advice is to prefer mildly aggressive formulations, based on natural ingredients and, more importantly, suitable for your ‘type’ of skin. Also not to be underestimated is the aspect relating to the environmental impact of products and their packaging, a trend that concerns not only skincare (or cosmetics in general) but a wide range of product categories. Choosing sustainable products also falls within the aforementioned “Skinimalism” while the preference for formulations based on natural ingredients guarantees an effective and beneficial treatment for the skin.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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