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Who is Giuliano Logos, the young Italian world champion of Slam Poetry

Julian Logosborn Giuliano de Santis, is a performance artist, world champion of Poetry Slam, a discipline at the center of which is poetry. Last May 15 he won the coveted Poetry Slam World Cup, a competition that took place in Paris and that saw the challenge between 30 nations.
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Just in France itself, some time ago, he had discovered the performative poetry, an art that for Giuliano, already a rapper, has become essential to fully express himself and to obtain a direct relationship with his audience as well. But what is the Poetry Slam in detail and how is it different from the public prayer of poems? To provide us with all the answers it is Giuliano who, through the podcast from Skuola.net, #Outclasshe deepened the theme and allowed us to enter his world to be discovered.

Podcast by Marco Verdura

The Poetry Slam, the musical art that meets poetry

Fresh winner of the world tournament Poetry Slam, Giulia Logos and also co-founder member of the Roman collective of artists WOW- Incendi Spontanei. Twenty-seven years old, of Apulian origins but transplanted to the capital for several years where he started writing bars. Always a lover of rap, Giuliano had a fulminating encounter with the Poetry Slam when a crew friend told him about a show he had seen in France in which “the artist takes the stage, everyone is silent to listen to what he says and then they also give feedback”. A performance poetry competitionbut there are also those who call it “Martial art of poetry” – explains the Poetry Slam champion. “Practically six people alternate on stage reading or reciting texts written by themselves. They can be of any type: there are those who have a more theatrical background, those who come more from rap, from lyric poetry. After the performance, five people, randomly selected from the audience, act as jurors, give votes and decree the winner of the evening“.

The difference with rap: “sharing with the public is essential”

An exhilarating and pleasant atmosphere, both for the artists and for the spectators who become protagonists of the scene in the final moment of the challenge. “I discovered a dimension that I did not know but which I already felt I needed. I understood that it was my path because I come from rap, which has given me a lot, however what I discovered with the Poetry Slam was a sense of sharing, listening and openness to others that nothing else had given me yet. Spectators are an integral part of the show: “I’m there to listen to you and to encourage your desire to share who you are and what you have to say to the world”.

The final for the Poetry Slam world title: “Puglia brought me luck”

During the final evening, which took place in Paris on May 15th, Giuliano staged seven pieces in Italian, written and interpreted by him, accompanied by the projection of the translation in real time. Among the pieces most appreciated by the French jury emerged “Federico”, dedicated to Frederick II of Swabia: “I am originally from Puglia and I have a deep bond with this historical figure. Although at first I thought he was of little interest, I noticed that the French really liked him”.

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