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Family hotels are the best places to spend a child-friendly family holiday with all the services available to children. Among the most popular and popular locations for families, Trentino-Alto Adige is a destination capable of offering unforgettable moments and exciting adventures in unspoiled nature.

Trentino-Alto Adige: family hotels tailored for everyone

Family holidays are characterized by joy and pampering, moments that are needed to recover the time that school, work and various commitments limit during the year. This is why it is important to rely on perfectly organized structures, especially in offering services and activities for children of all ages. In the 25 Familienhotels Südtirol, different types of hotels are available to families, but with the same quality criteria: tailor-made services, natural and quality furnishings, an eco-sustainable approach and specific offers for families.

It is well known that tastes and needs vary from family to family. That is why the 25 Familienhotels Südtirol are able to satisfy every desire and need thanks to their varied offer, as well as the different hotel categories divided into Family Basic, Family Comfort or Family Premium.

In particular, it is worth highlighting a peculiarity that distinguishes the Family Premium category of the Familienhotels Südtirol, where only families with babies and children stay, which among the various services offers the following:

  • Childcare 7 days a week
  • Entertainment for children divided into two age groups
  • Baby care 5 days a week with dedicated play area
  • Indoor and / or outdoor swimming pool with children’s pool
  • At least two game rooms divided by age groups
  • Free buffet with baby food in jars with 6 different flavors (valid only for hotels)
  • Childcare for lunch or dinner 7 days a week, drinks included (valid for accommodation with meals)

Hotel with indoor swimming pool for children

What is the favorite place for children in a hotel? The pool! Time is relative when swimming and playing in the water under the supervision of comfortable poolside parents. A hotel with an indoor swimming pool for children in South Tyrol is the best choice to gratify and indulge even the most lively children and at the same time spend time together.

In family hotels in South Tyrol, mermaids and small fish will have a lot of fun without the need for special attractions. The swimming pools of the hotels in South Tyrol are real places of fun, but at the same time relaxation and moments of pause for the older ones on comfortable deckchairs, between a dip and another, without losing sight of them of course. The only “condition” is to keep life jackets, goggles and armrests close at hand to equip the little guests when bathing.Are you looking for a hotel with an indoor swimming pool for children in South Tyrol?

Hotel in South Tyrol with swimming pool

Jumping, swimming, and more jumping and swimming. While it may seem repetitive and monotonous for an adult, the same cannot be said for the little ones who find the most fun swimming from one side of an indoor pool to the other. During a holiday in a family hotel in Trentino-Alto Adige, fun and adventures on land and in the water. Contrary to what one might think, South Tyrol is not only a destination and a land of mountains, but also an area characterized by the presence of lakes. The most beautiful are located in the immediate vicinity of hotels with indoor swimming pools for children.

In addition to Lake Caldaro, the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, and Lake Monticolo, the cleanest in Italy, there are many other lakes throughout the region, both for swimming and in the mountains. Also in this case, spending special moments with your family in these places is an opportunity not to be missed.

Mountain hotel with swimming pool: swimming is simple

Splashing in the water is fun, but doing it safely is a priority. That is why hotels with an indoor swimming pool for children meet the stringent criteria of the German agency TÜV NORD. In addition, some of them offer swimming lessons for children, starting from the age of three. To become confident in the water, the first step is to learn to swim. Therefore it is important for children to familiarize themselves and feel comfortable in the water before acquiring swimming techniques in hotels with children’s indoor pools in South Tyrol. One of the pluses of these accommodation facilities is the offer of swimming courses for children of all ages, from the first months of life.

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