Health: find out more about the morning after pill – PinkItalia

Health: find out more about the morning after pill - PinkItalia

On April 19th the State Council has made public one judgment relative to use EllaOne, the contraceptive pill that can be used within 5 days of unprotected intercourse. The ruling confirms that EllaOne can be sold without a prescription in all pharmacies, even to underage girls.

Although this sentence marks a new chapter in the heated debate on the subject of abortion, with positions for or against, in reality EllaOne is an emergency contraceptive drug, not an abortion pill: some studies of the AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), in fact, have shown how the mechanism of the drug is anti-ovulatory, that is, it acts before embryo implantation. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful not to confuse the intake of EllaOne with “the initiation of a drug regimen used for voluntary termination of pregnancy”: hence, the possibility of purchasing without a prescription.

Why buy EllaOne online?

In light of the decision of the AIFA and the Council of State, therefore, it is possible to buy the EllaOne morning after pill at any pharmacy and without a prescription. This also means that EllaOne will fall into that group of drugs that can also be purchased online.

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Then there is another advantage to buying the EllaOne morning after pill online: the anonymous shipping. In fact, in the circumstances where you need to hire EllaOne, the speed and anonymity of the shipment can really make a difference.

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What is EllaOne and what is its action

As stated earlier, EllaOne is a pill of the day since it is effective up to 5 days after the risk intercourse or the failure of a traditional type of contraceptive. Despite this, it should be taken as soon as possible, as its effectiveness weakens with the passage of time. The EllaOne morning after pill, however, has some general characteristics:

  • It must be used for occasional use only;
  • It does not protect against transmissible infections with relationships at risk;
  • It should not replace the use of traditional contraceptives.

With regard to its action, however, EllaOne intervenes on the ovulation process. In particular, the EllaOne morning after pill contains the active ingredient Ulipristal acetate which acts against progesterone. This is the sex hormone responsible for ovulation and its timing. Thanks to its action, EllaOne inhibits progesterone receptors e prevents the establishment of pregnancy unsolicited. It works by delaying ovulation and making spermatozoa ineffective.

Finally, among the things to know about the morning after pill, EllaOne, it is necessary to remember two:

  • If vomiting occurs within three hours after taking, another tablet should be taken as soon as possible;
  • Some symptoms such as nausea, abdominal pain, headache or dizziness may occur after taking EllaOne.

Some warnings

Before taking the EllaOnehowever, it is necessary to know that there are occasions when hiring is not recommendedmainly 4:

  • If you already have pregnancy symptoms;
  • If you suffer from asthma serious;
  • In case of liver disease severe;
  • In case of Lactose intoleranceas the EllaOne morning-after pill contains a moderate amount.

Finally, remember that the morning after pill is EllaOne it is not an abortion pill: it does not act, therefore, in the event of a pregnancy already in progress.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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