• May 29, 2023

Prime Video June 2022: new films and TV series

June will be a month full of news for Prime Video subscribers. The platform’s offer is enriched with new unmissable titles, especially among films. Next month titles such as “Downtown Abbey” will make their debut on Prime Video and “Jurassic Park – The Lost World”.
films and tv series prime videos June 2022

But also among the TV series some really tempting news are planned. Let’s talk for example of the second season of “Celebrity Hunted – Manhunt” and the first expected chapter of the “Dom” saga. In short, entertainment is guaranteed for June as well.

Prime Video June 2022: movies on the way

Many upcoming films among the news Prime Video next month. Among the new proposals we find “Minions” for the little ones, but also films for everyone like “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”. Not to be underestimated then “Pride and Glory” and the action film “Genesis Code”. As always, there is something for everyone: Here is the list of movies that will land on Prime Video next month.

  • 28 days later – June 1st
  • Giallo Napoletano – June 1st
  • The Nine-Tailed Cat – June 1st
  • The Bird with the Crystal Feathers – June 1st
  • The Lost World – Jurassic Park – June 1st
  • Totò against the black pirate – June 1st
  • Totò and Cleopatra – June 1st
  • King of Thieves – June 1
  • The Mauritanian – June 1
  • Black Dahlia – June 3
  • One on 13 – 5 June
  • Downtown Abbey – June 11th
  • The big jump – June 13th
  • She is too much for me – June 16th
  • Into the Ashes – Minions – June 18th
  • Pinocchio – June 18
  • Dear white people -18 June
  • All for 1 – 1 for all – June 21st
  • Pride and Glory – June 25th
  • Genesis code – June 29
  • David and Goliath – June 30th

Prime Video June 2022: the upcoming TV series

Let’s go to the TV series: as always, there will be plenty of choice. Users will finally know what will become of Butcher and his people in the third season of “The Boys”. We also report, among the news, the psychological thriller titled “Chloe” and “Summer in Your Eyes”, the drama series inspired by the book by Jenny Han, titled “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. Here is the catalog of the TV series coming out next month on Prime Video:

  • The Boys – June 3rd
  • Fairfax – June 10th
  • Summer in your eyes – June 17th
  • The Lake – June 17th
  • Celebrity Hunted – June 18
  • At home with the girls – June 24th
  • Chloe – June 24th

*** catalog being updated ***

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