Sex: do you know the new sex toys? – PinkItalia

Sex: do you know the new sex toys?  - PinkItalia

HotWhyNot, the sexual revolution in toy form

No excuses, in an online store you will not lose your intimacy in choosing your favorite sex toy: it’s time to demolish prejudices and try new pleasures through a huge range of products.

It is also important to know that not all sex toys are created equal and not all of them meet the same quality standards and guarantees.

However, it is not a subject on which there is a lot of information available and it is very common to get lost or not knowing how to contact the right professionals in the sector.

In these cases, it is better to go to a sex shop where a consultant guides and recommends the right items.

In this sense, the HotWhyNot online erotic shop has specialized in the erotic and sexuality sector for quite a few years. Also, those people who are ashamed or unable to go to a physical store, can always resort to best online sex shop of trust.

Through their blog, the professionals of HotWhyNot they try to convey their philosophy with topics that deal with sex education, offering a selection of the best erotic products at very competitive prices.

Among them, it is very easy to find the perfect sex toy and, if in doubt, they can always consult their expert sexuality counselors.

When buying sex toys or erotic items it is very important to do this on a reputable site that offers detailed product information. A very positive point of this sex shop online is that it has all the information relating to dimensions, methods of use and other indications of each product.

The materials used in these types of articles are also of great importance. They must be water resistant, hypoallergenic and offer certain safety guarantees.

About this, HotWhyNot is committed to quality in all its sex toys and offers the guarantee that all products in its online catalog have passed the quality standards set by the European Union, so they are 100% safe.

In the world of sex toys and erotic items, there is no end to the imagination. Therefore, in this online sex shop you can find a wide variety of products, from the most traditional to the latest industry news.

This company has a faithful commitment to innovation and always has the latest erotic and sexual news.

Taking care of sexuality is the key to complete well-being

HotWhyNot was born in 2021 in Turin as an online erotic shop that aims to help you have a more varied, enjoyable and fun sex life, but also a healthier and more responsible one.

Something that is essential to achieve complete physical and mental well-being and, therefore, full happiness.

To make it happen, HotWhyNot in addition to offering a vast catalog of toys or erotic products, it has created a pleasant, fun and non-explicit web environment, far from the typical and gloomy sex shops, so that anyone with curiosity and desire to improve their sexuality.

Once we have overcome modesty and preconceptions, we will discover the elements that have made them leaders in the sector: serious, clear and direct content.

Learn, experiment and share your experiences

Thanks to the articles in the blog section with excellent content that meticulously present and explain each product, HotWhyNot he spares no money when it comes to resolving doubts and debunking myths by discovering new pleasures in a fun way.

His team has experts in sexuality and the close collaboration of a group of sexologists, psychologists or coaches to create varied and quality content.

The basic idea is that there is no normative sex and that only by experimenting can one find new pleasures both for oneself and for one’s life as a couple and, therefore, their erotic products cover all kinds of tastes, preferences and needs. .

Maximum discretion in purchases

In HotWhyNot there is an article for every person and need, whatever the type of stimulation, the area to be stimulated, the material, the brand or the price you are looking for.

For both women and men or to have fun as a couple, you will find the latest innovations in terms of vibrators such as the revolutionary suction cups backed by the famous Satisfyer Pro 2, dildoChinese balls, erotic cosmetics, aphrodisiacs or erotic games, and many other options.

They only work with certified quality products and you can consult the detailed information of each in their respective files.

It is important to note that with HotWhyNot the discretion of your purchases is ensured at all levels: the packages do not contain any type of badge or logo relating to the products it carries within it or to the brand, just as the name of the shop does not appear in the sender. nor in the debit of the card.

In addition, all kinds of doubts will be resolved quickly and directly via telephone, social network or mail.

HotWhyNot wants to contribute to the great change that society is experiencing when it comes to talking and enjoying sexuality without complexes, well aware that women are the real engine of this transformation.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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