• May 28, 2023

The case of Blanco touched upon at the concert: is it harassment or not?

In the last days on the web a revolt has broken out around the gesture, made by a girl against Blancoduring the Radio Italia concert in Piazza Duomo in Milan, last 21 May.
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During the performance of “Notti in bianco”, the singer from Brescia approached the cheering crowd who sang together one of his most famous hits. At the same time, however, a fan started groping her private parts, also facilitated by the huge crowd that had come to greet the artist. The whole thing was posted on TikTok by a user who was there at that moment and who complained about the too much “enthusiasm” of the young woman, the protagonist of the incident. The video immediately went around the web and brought with it a ‘wave of criticism from those who define the situation as a real harassment. No response from Blanco: the 19-year-old singer commented on the evening on social media describing it only as a handsome one “Sea of ​​love”.

Blanco groped by a fan: the web goes wild and accuses the girl of harassment

The publication of the video in which a girl’s hand is clearly seen touching Blanco’s private parts immediately created havoc on the web, but not only. To specify what happened, lawyers and experts in the sector were also called into question, to try to define whether or not the one suffered by the singer could be a harassment. For the fans there is no doubt: Blanco was harassed and the girl should never have allowed herself to groped him, especially without his consent. No distinction, as much have accused, between genders: the gesture was immediately condemned by women and men who found the situation unpleasant and indecent.

Harassment or not? Everything is based on consensus – this is how the experts think

Same opinion that oflawyer Giulia Bongiorno who, intervened on the matter, stated that the one suffered by Blanco would not be a harassment, but a real sexual violence “constituted by any act which, by resolving itself in even a fleeting bodily contact between the passive subject and the active subject, endangers the freedom of self-determination”as stated in theart 609 bis of the criminal code. In the case in question, groping erogenous zones without the consent of the interested party can integrate the crime of sexual violence, with a sentence of 6 to 12 years of imprisonment. According to writer Michela Murgia, particularly attentive to this type of issue, however, the key word is consent. On Instagram, in fact, he explains that the distinction between violence and caress is the consent of the recipient. If for Blanco – who, we recall, did not express himself specifically on the situation – the act does not constitute a crime, the situation does not exist. But, continues Murgia, it is good to remember that the same gesture “if whoever receives it calls it violence, it is violence”.

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