Hearing in the Senate for the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi, with regard to the bill concerning the recruitment of teaching staff, a reform envisaged by the PNRR. Several themes were touched upon during the speech by the owner of the department of Viale Trastevere.


“The real drama will be not being able to form the first classes”

“Over the next 10 years it is estimated that the number of students will drop by 1.2, 1.4 million. A reduction of this nature changes the social structure of the country”, says Bianchi. “Today the classes in Italy on average have fewer than 20 pupils; the real emergency will no longer be the chicken coop classes but the fact that we will not be able to make the first ones. The rapid demographic decline that we are already seeing in primary school poses a problem that today we don’t see in high school. “

School competitions, goodbye cross tests from 2025

“Education, training, training. This is the founding element of the path we have outlined for teachers”. explains the minister. “The European Commission asked us for a standard path for lower and upper secondary school teachers, which is why we have provided a standard path for those who want to be a teacher: the master’s course plus 60 credits within a university course agreed with schools. An enabling path which will then be followed by the competition “recalled the minister.

Bianchi then added that a specially dedicated Commission will provide precise indications on how to carry out the competitions, which will remain like this – with cross-check tests – until the end of 2024: “From 2025 we will return to open questions. This is because we must respect the European obligation of hiring 70 thousand teachers with the new emergency procedure. Last year we hired 57 thousand teachers, this year we will hire another 61 thousand and then another 70 thousand by 2024 : one of the milestones for accessing NRP funds. The fundamental way to proceed is to undertake courses and competitions “.

Ensure safety during training courses

“We have had some serious accidents, even in these days, in which our children were involved, there was talk of school-work alternation but all three accidents actually concerned professional training that concerns the Regions”explains the minister regarding school-work alternation. “We must also begin to consider this piece of training as part of the national education system and therefore also as a part to which we guarantee the same safety conditions that I am able to guarantee. We must be able to give equal dignity to all educational paths, they are part of a single training system “he adds.

ITS reform to allow revolution in the technical-professional area

“We have a framework of reforms that must be seen in their interpenetration, the ITS reform allows another fundamental piece of reforms to be launched immediately, which concerns the technical and professional school in order to complete the technical path as a whole. professional up to ITS to give dignity and strength to our entire educational system “concludes the Minister of Education.

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