• May 28, 2023

The fantastic and diehard users of Skuola.net

As happens every month even in April, many are the users who get involved by participating in the fantastic Skuola.net Notes Competition. The people who compete every month in the Skuola.net Notes Competition are really many.

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Like all the other months, the contestants of the Appunti Competition gave their best by participating enthusiastically in our contest, where they stood out for their kindness and generosity.

Their spirit of sacrifice was great, because above all with their contribution they have given a great help to the numerous Italian students who during the school year have to face both oral questions and written class assignments. These users are very valuable and do their best to ensure that students from all over Italy can pass both written homework and oral questions to the best of their ability. Their help is essential for our site, because without these users, Italian students would be completely lost. Thanks to their contribution there are many notes of Italian literature, Greek and Latin literature, foreign literature, history, philosophy, many well-structured scholastic researches, etc … These notes can be consulted by users of our site who, thanks to these, can study better in order to get brilliant grades in school questions and written homework, making a good impression with their teachers and their classmates! They are wonderful people, fantastic because every day they get involved by sending notes on philosophy, Italian, history, Latin literature, Greek literature, sociology and much more.. They are fantastic people because they take a lot of time out of their day to write well-structured and well-written notes with the aim of lending a hand to all users in difficulty. Thanks to them, the site becomes more dynamic and also much richer in beautiful contents that are very original and focus on the topics that are constantly studied at school. By lending a hand by sending notes, these users help all the students of Italy who surf on Skuola.net. These students obtain important results during the school year thanks to them. Their grades are better thanks to the notes on our site! The academic performance of the students-users of the site will be much better thanks to them. So this article is aimed at rewarding and celebrating all these users who send well-structured and edited notes during the month with great courage. It is precisely in this way that they also manage to accumulate points over the course of the month by sending very in-depth notes that can allow them to win fantastic. awards.

Winners of the Notes Competition April 2022

For ten years Skuola.net has created the famous Competition Notesor the famous prize contest through which site users can have the opportunity to send notes of high schools and middle schools, versions of Latin and Greek translated into Italian, notes of Italian and history being able to climb the top of the rankings reaching the first three positions and thus win rich prizes! The contest of the Notes Competition, as we know, means that there are fantastic prizes up for grabs for those who reach a good score by sending notes. By sending notes, the top three users of the ranking manage to climb to the top of the ranking and win great prizes. Here are the prizes in the catalog: starting with telephone top-ups (Tim, Vodafone, Wind And 3) which correspond to an amount between 25 and 100 euros, to the useful gift vouchers that can be spent on Amazon, Zalando, H&M, Sephora, Spotify. So do not wait a long time and take part in the competition as many users like you already do, climbing the final ranking of the Skuola.net Notes Competition!

Here are the winners of April 2022!

First place:
-dille- with 740 points;
Runner up: Simo.fire with 330 points;
Third place:
Anna___04 with 330 points;

>>> Browse the catalog and find out which prizes you can win!

The Community Ranking Winners April 2022

As you know about Skuola.net there are not only those who have won the prizes, having made our site richer in content, but there are also those students who lend a hand every day by providing important advice with numerous answers to the topics of our splendid Forum . With their useful answers and their good advice, Skuola.net users will be able to understand many concepts in view of their class assignments! To these willing people we want to assign a famous title, we are talking about that of VIP of our Community, because they have become legends of Skuola.net! You will therefore have the opportunity to become one of them if you want to get involved by helping the users of our site! That’s who the Vip most active in April 2022:

First place:-dille- with 759 points;
Runner up: Simo.fire with 369 points;
Third place:
Anna___04 with 335 points;

The Oscars of Skuola.net

In the end, we really want to thank all those very active people on our wonderful forum Skuola.net. These are very good people who constantly respond every day in the many topics of our Forum, which have saved the lives of our users-students! Here’s who got this important title:

– Reichstadt1946

Thanks to the staff tutors

At the end of this article we want to thank in particular our great tutors who every day dissolve the doubts of our users:
– tiscali
– Ithaca
– anny =)
– ciampax
– Natalia_M

Finally, we thank the moderators

– ShattereDreams
– eleo
– Pinchbeck
– Boat_of_life

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