Summer in the mountains: where to go? – PinkItalia

Summer in the mountains: where to go?  - PinkItalia

Falzes is a wonderful South Tyrolean municipality located along the Road of the Sun Val Pusteria: a privileged and sunny position in which to spend your holidays, with a tourist offer that is nothing short of perfect. Thanks to’7 days itinerary in Falzesyou can visit i surroundings of the Val Pusteria, East Tyrol, but where to stay? We also recommend a hotel in Falzes with an outdoor swimming pool – a perfect place to relax.

7-day itinerary in Falzes and surroundings: what to see?

We are located in Val Pusteria, in the Dolomitesand undoubtedly everyone knows the Three peaks of Lavaredowhich have been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2009. And it is precisely here that our itinerary begins: from Falzes, it is impossible to miss this fascinating destination, which thousands of tourists from all over the world choose to visit every year.

In this regard, we also suggest the Three Peaks Natural Parkwhich was founded in 1981. It is located in the municipalities of Sixth, Dobbiaco And San Candido: a protected area, which allows us to immerse ourselves in dream scenarios, such as the Lake of Landro and Dobbiaco.

For those who come on holiday in the Val Pusteria in the summer, the ideal place to go for a swim is the Issengo Lake. This place, in fact, is known as the Sea of ​​Val Pusteria. You can relax, take a swim, immerse yourself in its waters. A beautiful and perfect swimming lake for a warmer day.

What to do in Falzes in a week?

In the Val Pusteria, Falzes is the favorite destination for tourists, because it is a traditional area, still influenced today by a gastronomic culture, important and of great goodness. And it must be said that thanks to its climate it allows us to spend a perfect holiday in summer and in winter.

The center of Falzes it is very characteristic, with a style and an imprint that it is impossible not to fall in love with. The package is completed by an excellent tourist offer, with a tradition and a sense of warm welcomewhich makes you feel at home even if you are far away.

In Falzes, we certainly cannot fail to suggest a visit to the Church of San Valentino, which was consecrated in 1434: a late Gothic construction, where it is possible to admire the wooden sculpture of St. Valentine and a sky of frescoes with a cycle on the Ten Commandments. Instead, for natural attractions, the Earth Pyramids are a spectacle: modeled as a result of water erosion, you can follow the Path of the Mills adjacent.

What to eat in Falzes during the week

THE typical dishes of Falzes there lead to the discovery of a very well rooted gastronomic culture, including first courses, second courses, wines, meats and cheeses. One of the main dishes of Trentino-Alto Adige is definitely the dumpling, consisting of cubes of bread, milk and eggs. A food that has been conceived as “poor” and that has been enriched over time with unforgettable flavors, including speck and cheese, served in broth or with melted butter.

There South Tyrolean cuisine at the table allows us to taste the pancakesthe so-called tirtlenor tutres, savory or sweet rye puff fritters, with spinach and ricotta, potatoes, sauerkraut or poppy seeds. We cannot fail to advise them spatzlethe schlutzkrapfenthe zander – a local and sustainable freshwater fish – and a spiral fried dessert called Strauben.

Hotel in Falzes with swimming pool, where to stay?

There convenience of staying in a hotel with swimming pool it is to say the least obvious: it must be said that the relaxation offered is special. A corner of wellness and relaxation in Val Pusteria, overlooking the Plan de Corones. The Jochele Hotel offers specific wellness formulas, with sauna, turkish bath and swimming pool.

In the splendid setting of Val Pusteria, tradition marries innovation: the search for well-being becomes an unforgettable experience, in which to heal the body and mind from any stress. One of the most beautiful points of the hotel is the outdoor swimming pool overlooking the mountains, which is surrounded by a garden where you can enjoy the beautiful sunny days. An honorable mention goes to them home cooking: all the dishes of the South Tyrolean culinary tradition.

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