• May 28, 2023

Communion: how to choose solidarity favors – PinkItalia

With the warm season the time of Communions also returns: important events for the little ones but also for their parents, who find themselves having to organize the party with friends and relatives. Inevitable, are always the favors that are given to the guests to thank them for their participation and to leave them a memory of this important day. Which ones to choose though? The Save the Children’s solidarity favors are the ones that are the most popular nowadays: highly recommended by the parents themselves.

So let’s see together some good reasons why it is worth choosing i solidarity sugared almonds holder of this organization.

1. They help less fortunate children

The real reason to choose the solidarity favors of Save the Children is because they allow you to make a truly noble gesture. In fact, the entire proceeds from their sale are used by the organization for finance their own projects, in Italy and around the world, to support children in difficulty and their families. It is therefore possible to celebrate with solidarity favors for communion and to help less fortunate children, making a big difference for those who actually need help. This is the real big reason why you should choose solidarity favors: offer the possibility of guaranteeing a future for many children, without giving up beautiful favors to give to guests.

2.They don’t cost more than classic wedding favors

Some think that solidarity favors have high costs but this is not the case at all: this is the classic false myth that must be debunked. The price of these confetti boxes is in line with that of classic favors. It is much better invest your money to help less fortunate childrenespecially if the cost is the same in the end.

There are many different types

Save the Children’s solidarity favors are also beautiful: in the online catalog you can find various types, in line with the latest trends of the moment. From classic cardboard boxes to jute bags, always customizable with a nice colored bow, there is something for all tastes. The solidarity favors therefore have nothing to envy to the classic sweet confection boxes: however, they have an enormous added value.

4.Can be customized

Save the Children’s solidarity favors are very popular also because they can be customizeand, complete with a note and an effect phrase to be delivered together with the confetti box. It is possible to indicate what to write directly online, at the time of purchase, so as not to have to waste too much time in packaging the favors.

5.You can order them conveniently online

Many appreciate Save the Children’s solidarity favors because of their great symbolic value: supporting the education and growth of many children in difficulty.

Save the Children is often chosen, however, also because it is one of the few that allows you to order confetti boxes directly online and receive everything comfortably at home. This is a significant advantage, because much less time is wasted and you can devote yourself to organizing everything else more calmly.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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