• June 8, 2023

Incorrect posture: what risks it entails and how to solve the problem

incorrect posture

During the day it often happens that you don’t pay attention to how you sit or how you hold your back and shoulders when standing, thus assuming postures that in the long run could create some problems.

Posture is the position that each part of the body assumes to ensure balance and well-being. Poor posture, as well as causing back and neck pain. And if continued over time it can lead to permanent deformations of the spine and the appearance of herniated vertebral discs. For this reason it is important to intervene as soon as possible.

If you are looking for solutions, you can use Dicloreum products and other products of this type for postural pain. These non-prescription drugs are certainly effective in immediately reducing the sensation of pain and inflammation. But it is very important to combine them with a posture correction that you maintain throughout the day to achieve long-term results.

Incorrect posture: the causes

When one thinks of incorrect postures, the first cause that comes to mind is the long hours spent in the office or at school, sitting in front of a computer or a notebook; although this is one of the main causes, it is certainly not the only one. Among others we find, for example, problems with the feet, such as the presence of calluses or hallux valgus, but also with sight and teeth; in some cases bad postures can be a consequence of traumatic events and are very often worsened by overweight, sedentary lifestyle, fatigue and stress.

What risks does it entail

Assuming wrong postures and maintaining them for a long time can cause many problems; the best known are neck and back pain which, in the long run, can also involve the skull, shoulders, arms, hands and even the lower limbs. Poor posture can also cause headaches, tinnitus, bruxism, and difficulty moving and walking.

If you do not intervene in time, the problems can worsen, degenerating into deformations of the spine with consequent body asymmetries that can cause organ problems, breathing and blood circulation problems, lowered vision and herniated discs.

Correct posture

As we have seen, the problems of an incorrect and repeated posture over time are numerous; for this reason it is very important to intervene as soon as possible.

Those who spend many hours sitting in front of a computer will have to start by improving their workstation, buying an ergonomic chair and placing the PC monitor at a height that does not force them to tilt their neck. The keyboard must also be positioned in an optimal way, so as to allow you to use it without having to keep your shoulders raised. It is also very important to take a break every hour, walking for a few minutes and doing back stretching exercises.

In the event that the problem originated from a physical defect related to feet, teeth, sight, or was of traumatic origin, it will be necessary to ask your doctor for advice who will be able to tell us what checks to do and how to proceed to improve our posture.

Article written by PinkItalia editorial staff

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