Does summer humidity make your curls very frizzy? Here’s how to avoid it

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Summer is approaching and for many of us this does not only mean holidays and sunbathing, but also frizzy and indomitable hair.

The humidity, which tends to increase at this time of the year, exacerbates the problem of frizzy hair, well known especially by those with curly hair. To counter this effect there are numerous effective solutions ranging from the adoption of particular strategies during hair drying up to perfect curly product choice, specially designed to give the hair strength and vitality. Among these we find the wide and complete range of Davines products for curls which includes elasticizing shampoos, masks, anti-frizz gels and oils capable of restoring a healthy and luminous appearance to the hair.

How come curly hair tends to get frizzy with moisture

Hair is not all the same, but it has a structure that can be more or less subject to the action of atmospheric agents. Curly hair, being more porous than straight hair, tends to absorb more moisture in the air; this, acting on the structure, lifts the cuticles present on the shaft and makes the hair appear irregular, dull and, indeed, frizzy.

In addition to the structure of the hair, there are also other factors that can make the hair more frizzy and dull; among these, in addition to the action of atmospheric agents and the sun, we find some rather aggressive treatments, such as perm and coloring, but also age and biological factors.

Fortunately, there are many methods that help fight frizz, reducing it considerably and allowing curly and lion hair to regain all their brilliance.

How to fight frizz during the summer

To combat the frizz effect, you can first resort to perfect curly products specially designed to strengthen and nourish this type of hair; among these we find both washing products and those to be used during and after drying.

There are also other methods that allow to reduce the problem, such as plopping, a delicate drying method that is very easy to implement, which avoids subjecting the hair to unnecessary stress, helping it to maintain the right hydration; also very usefulcold waterwhich favors the closure of the cuticles.

The best products to say goodbye to frizzy hair during the summer

The first method that allows you to fight frizzy hair is the choose products for curly hair with an elasticizing, nourishing, moisturizing and anti-frizz effect.

The first product to use will be one moisturizing shampoo that helps the hair to regain elasticity and softness, respecting the PH of the scalp; after shampooing, a detangling conditioner which allows to make the hair shaft smoother and more compact.

At this point you can proceed with the application of one nourishing mask rich in vitamins and minerals that can nourish the hair from the root, making it more disciplined and manageable, or a elasticizing conditioner.

Before proceeding with drying it will also be necessary to apply on the hair of the curly styling products able to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. Among these we find the elasticizing serums and disciplining creams.

After drying, an anti-frizz gel can be applied which, by acting in depth on the hair, moisturizes it and helps styling.

Use cold water to close the cuticles

Cold water plays an important role on the hair as it is favors the closure of the cuticlesmaking the shaft smoother and less prone to loss of hydration.

Performing the last rinse with a jet of water at a low temperature allows you to reduce the frizz effect and to have brighter and more disciplined hair.

Plopping: here’s how to dry your hair with the anti-frizz method

To have less frizzy hair, it is possible to dry it with plopping, i.e. by wrapping the hair, towel-dried and prepared with a product for styling curls, with a towel or a cotton shirt. After a couple of hours, when the hair is almost dry, you can finish drying in the air or with a diffuser.

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