The smart mobility laboratory focuses on data analysis

Use the technologies of artificial intelligence to make transport systems smarter. The active partnership between mobiUs-Lab (which deals with the study and analysis of new forms of integrated mobility) e Kooling (company that created a technological platform for big data analysis).

The latter is based on artificial intelligence solutions and this will allow mobiUs researchers to carry out scientific research aimed at calculating the emissions produced by individuals during daily travel. The partnership is therefore aimed at making available relevant strategic information and processing on megatrends which will affect the sector of mobility for the next ten years, allowing for the definition of CO2 reduction interventions by companies and institutions in the territories where they operate.

Innovation to reduce emissions

Smart-Moving is one of the three pillars (together with Smart-Working and Smart-Living) of the sustainability model developed by mobiUs, launched in 2021 by SDA Bocconi School of Management in partnership with Atlantia. This combination of applied research and advanced technology marks a step forward on the path towards new ecosystems of sustainable mobility, intervening in a sector which, according to estimates, affects the levels of zero gas emissions by 20% -30%. According to Kooling’s analyzes, in fact, the average user will be able to reduce their emissions by about 24%, with peaks of almost 70% in the case of more receptive individuals.

“The digital transition allows the diffusion, development and large-scale adoption of portable and wearable devices that are able to provide data on our climate impact,” he says. Fabrizio Zerbini, scientific director of mobiUs. “Technologies like big data analytics, geolocation and mobility tracking they allow us to collect and analyze the information that is necessary to understand how individual footprints develop and, crucially, how they can be optimized “.

“For Atlantia, the MobiUs project represents an investment in analysis, knowledge and leadership on the front of an increasingly green mobility”, underlines Stefania Ratti, innovation orchestration and acceleration director of Atlantia. “The involvement of Kooling makes it possible to conduct targeted scientific studies on transport, thanks to the use of data and cutting-edge skills and know-how in SDA Bocconi”.

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